Monday 20 July 2015

Oma's Blues: Centre Plate Diamonds

Even though I machine stitched the plate edging (instead of appliqueing it as I had first planned) I am appliqueing the small diamonds that go all the way around. It's finicky work, but I enjoy it. It's cold down my way and I am rugged up, happy to be warm, inside and quilting. I'm watching the Quilt Show on my laptop as I work, it keeps me company as I press on.
I created each of these shapes with stitch and wash fusible, and am putting them into position with basting glue. Later, I'll stitch them into place - either by hand or machine, depending on the area I'm working on. These will be hand stitched. Fusible has become a part of my working process - so much so that I use it all the time, even on small items like this one. Actually I find it makes these smaller shapes easier to handle.


  1. Its coming along beautifully.

    1. Thanks Chris, it feels good to have made a serious start!

  2. Such beautiful work! All those perfect circles and diamonds!

  3. It looks beautiful. Thanks for this clear explanation.

  4. I really enjoy having a closer look at your process. Your work is meticulous and amazing!

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  5. Thank you for showing your work in such detail, Esther :-)


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