Friday 3 July 2015

Apple Core Cutey

I've started referring to the two apple core baby quilts as 'cutey' because they just are. And it's so satisfying to see my gorgeous pink stash put to work. I'm using an apple core template. I stacked the fabrics and let the women choose which ones they liked. At first, I wasn't really in love with their selection, but I've completely changed my mind now. I think its adorable! 
We chose the 7.5 inch template because I felt the smallest one at 3.5 inches was too much for a beginner's group to tackle. I think each of the apple cores would be utterly gorgeous and each size has its own charm but I am so relieved that I didn't persuade them to go smaller because I'd forgotten how finicky sewing concaves and convexes is! I showed them how and to get the lines really neat, they had to use pins all along the seams and it took longer than I expected. Another thing I'd forgotten about was how to logically stack the 'rows' so you can sit down and sew them in the right order. We talked a lot about puzzling the fabrics into the right order when it was up on the design board and naturally, we want to keep the right arrangement when sewing it all together. There is no magic formula, you really have to concentrate and stay focused. I know this because I did it wrong twice! I didn't realise how much my mind wanders when I sew....but it really does!
Now that I'm at home, I'm working on the second one which I'm making for myself. I thought it would be good to make one alongside my group as I taught them because I know I'll never get time to do it otherwise. I didn't think I'd have the time, but I find that if I tackle the progress as soon as I get home, I manage it. This one is nearly done now and after our next class I think it will be ready for some quilting. Afterwards, I'm hoping to sell it in my Etsy shop.
I quite like hexis, patches and HSTs so the apple core isn't something I would have chosen, but I am in love with it now and I love the overall look of the fabrics slotting in together. It really is so versatile, it suits both modern prints and traditional colour ways.
For the border and background, I've gone with the rose fabric which is different from my ladies who opted for a leaf green border. They went with green to match some other baby things they're making and whilst I think green and pink are a perfect compliment, I'm hopelessly romantic and have opted to keep my baby quilt all pink and roses. I love this fabric. The water colour roses are just the thing and I can't help it. I can't do unisex quilts. This baby quilt is going to be all unapologetically -girl-.


  1. Эстер, необыкновенно красивое будет одеяло!

  2. Beautiful! I love thepinks. Some girl will be so lucky!

  3. Ooh ! I love the Roses. Looks fabulous I feel like giving apple core a go after seeing your progress, but too many projects on the go at this stage.


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