Monday 13 July 2015

LE: Look What I Found!

Sometimes I think I do too much: there's really no other way to explain how I could have packed away an entire Love Entwined project box... and forgotten about it completely
In fact I found two LE project packets.
One full of shapes (that I knew about for returning to when I have time for hand sewing)
and another withe the original border fabric I had set aside for Love Entwined initially. I completely forgot about this fabric. All these months of hunting down LE border fabric and I didn't even know there was this stash put aside for consideration!
 It's beautiful and instantly familiar. Even though I had forgotten about its existence before now.
I still have my LE paper template up on my design wall, so I've just pinned the fabric into position over the template, where it will actually go.
I'll leave it pinned here until I get around to unpacking my LE. My room is too messy at the moment to unpack my precious heirloom, so I'll just look on and let it grow on me until I'm ready. I think it will work, tone wise. But I'll have to consider it properly later when I'm in the right mood.
Have you ever found anything unexpected when tidying your sewing room?


  1. Dear Esther

    This fabric is absolutely stunning! Finding treasures we put in a safe place, unexpectedly is so much fun.
    Now the best part will be seeing it next to your LE.

    1. Thanks Maggie, I'm really happy to have found it, can't wait to play with the borders some more..

  2. How happy that you found the saved fabric before you attached another fabric that you don't like nearly as well. Yes, sometimes I found something special I saved and don't remember putting it away. The fabric is lovely.

  3. I once found 7 one hundred dollar bills in the middle of a project box.


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