Friday 19 June 2015

Oma's Blues: Showing Off My New Blues

Surely I don't need a reason to show you my new blue fabrics? This is a quilters blog after all...
 How perfect are these fabrics for my BOM Oma's Blues?
They are the most charming tiles. I purchased them specifically for Oma's Blues and maybe even an easy sofa throw quilt if there's any left over. In the very real event that they prove too cute to cut, I justified the purchase by reasoning that these tiles were ideal for my wardrobe sachets. I always have herb stuffed sachets in all my drawers and cabinets. I made my last batch 10 years ago and its time to make a whole new set ...and the Delft inspired tiles here called out to me, they're so classic they're neutral. If you know what I mean. And there's so little work to be done, simply cut and stuff...
Unless I use them all up first. 
It will depend on whether they are too dark for the quilt once it starts coming together. 
Now I have all the ingredients, I simply need to make a start!


  1. Oh gosh Esther they are so lovely, I would find them so difficult to cut in to. I suppose it is like my beautiful Japanese silks after a few cuts it is easy. LOL. I'll be watching you blog each morning now to see the first stage of your OMa's Blues. Have fun Glenda

    1. I was feeling a bit like that myself, I did think I would cut them but I can now report that it's dinner time and I HAVE into them and Oma's Blues is worth it!

  2. ..... great minds think alike. Have fun using Leesa's beautiful fabric.
    I will also be watching your progress!!

  3. That is beautiful fabric. I actually have some of that fabric. I bought it to use in piecing Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses. It might be put to use elsewhere. Can't wait to see what you've completed in the next post.

  4. Wouh it´s a wonderful fabric. I think it is perfect.
    Have a good day, Marita


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