Friday, 5 June 2015

Love Entwined: An Update

 I love this quilt. Today I unpacked my Love Entwined centre to take a good look at it. I haven't had it in my eyesight for a few weeks since I went looking for a border fabric to take me into the next stage. I still haven't found the right fabric but I'm not worried, I know it will show up when I'm not looking for it. This morning I pinned it up on the wall to remind myself just how far I've come with my own heirloom version of this quilt (because I forget) and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy seeing the hundreds of LE's floating around out there (because it's time to pause and take stock). Love Entwined is an extraordinary quilt and I am more in love with it today than I was when I first started this project.

I've been meaning to post an update on this quilt in response to queries and emails I keep receiving (and which I love receiving, thank you), so here it is:

  • I have completed my centre and will aim to complete it when I find the right fabric
  • I'm almost finished on my Love Entwined 2 (variation pattern) and that one is in red and white
  • I have decided that I will release a Love Entwined Coffee Table Book (because this quilt wants to be seen) and it will be published for members on a not for profit basis. I will put all the details up here on my blog as well as over in my group and will create a submission process whereby you can contribute your own quilt images once you're ready. With a quilt this epic, I think I'll wait another 12-18 months before launching this, although it depends on the finish rate. I might open submissions soon and allow quilters to add their entries as and when they finish. I've been shocked by how quickly quilters are actually getting it made, so I will likely get onto it this year
  • Yes, I agree that a LE Exhibition would be a wonderful idea, but I haven't given it much more thought other than that at the moment. I think it is something we would do to coincide with the release of our book. And I envision it happening in the UK (or not? who knows?) and possibly the Netherlands as there are so many LE's there. This is something I will throw open over in the group for discussion when the time arises.
  • Love Entwined was released and available for free, for over 18 months. It will not be released again. I'm sorry to disappoint but I don't re-release BOMs. 
  • I have no update regarding the original coverlet. I attempted to contact the owners to ask them to share images of the original with us all and they have declined to respond. This is disappointing for everyone, but I respect their right to do what they like. I have always felt that the original coverlet was an article of historical importance, and wanted it investigated and preserved as an important piece of history. This has not happened and there's really nothing more I can do about it. I did what I could by reviving this pattern and that is my part in this story. Every quilter who has gone on to make LE or a project based on LE becomes a part of this story themselves in their own special way. And I'm proud that we all joined forces to give this pattern a life beyond the pages of a book where it was long forgotten. We did what we could. Who knows what tomorrow brings?
  • Love Entwined touched my heart, that's why I released my own homage as a pattern to the wonderful and mysterious original; but I could have never foreseen the friendship, generosity and community of women who have come together to share their work over in my Yahoo BOM Group. When I look over the photo albums, I am struck by just how generous and friendly our group is. And so talented too. It really brings me joy to see LE made in so many different ways and in so many styles. I really love them all. I think this has been the best thing about the whole experience -connecting with other quilters. 
Thank you for making that possible. 
We still have so much LE joy ahead of us and I personally can't wait to get there with you.


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful quilt!! It's lovely you are getting so much joy from being part of the group too. Connecting with other quilts is a wonderful thing,

  2. Love your centre! I've been working on mine this week. Great to have a summary of 'where you are' with the multi-headed project that you've created! Such a wonderful project!

  3. She's a beautiful quilt and enjoy looking at the pictures of them. I don't know if I will ever make a Love Entwined or not but I did download the BOM when she was available. Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt pattern with us.

  4. Oh Esther I must get back to my LE too. I know my first border didn't fit and I was devistated and put it away. I will pull it out and see if I should do it over or try to add a piece.

  5. Dear Esther, wonderful news. Book, exhibition, great! it would be very nice if you could organize this in the Netherlands or UK. Reading your post makes me want to pick up my LE again. Thank you.
    Warm regards

  6. The LE looks so fantastic. I love both color choices so much. Wonderful, wonderful appliqué. I must learn a lot.

  7. Believe it or not I'm still working on the center. Life gets in the way of completing as quickly as the rest of you. It did take me 15 years to complete my Dear Jane top. It too awaits quilting. The same may be said about this one although I hope that is not the case. Love your quilt and enjoy viewing all the different colors and flowers on the Yahoo group page. You are an inspiration. Thanks for your contribution to reviving this beauty.


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