Monday 22 June 2015

Oma's Blues: Creating the Centre Plate

There's really no question about it now: the members of my Yahoo BOM Group know my patterns better than I do. When I planned, suggested and released Oma's Blues, I had every intention that I would applique the centre round plate. Of course I would! It is, after all, an applique quilt.

But my Group Members? They knew better. 
They ignored my instructions and started piecing the centre plate. As I watched their perfectly formed plates emerge, I realized that they were right. And so smart. And so generous to share their logic with everyone else. Naturally I too realized that piecing the centre plate was the way to go. Of course you CAN applique it, but now I don't want to as I can see this as a faster and dare I admit it, easier way to get the beautiful round shape with accuracy.
And so here I am, sat at my machine and sewing as I go. What was I thinking when I planned on appliqueing all those points? I think I was in LE overdrive! I thought millions of applique shapes was some kind of normal.
 Pinning and stitching...
Looking good


  1. I think of quilters as a generous and knowledgable group!! It starts with you creating a gorgeous pattern & then others who contemplate the best path. Many minds working together!!

  2. For the first time in weeks I did not pop in this morning and to day was the day you took your first sewing steps on OM LOL. and how fresh crisp and lovely it is looking. I noticed there dis a little nick out of most of the wash away freezer paper you are using ?????? You have me puzzled about these . Happy sewing and having fun Cheers Glenda

  3. Looking lovely, Esther!
    Isn't it nice that we can all still learn and take tips from other quilters? Always interesting to see how other people tackle something!

  4. Oh Esther I loved doing mine this way as I am always trying to find a quicker way, to get to the end result.
    Glad you are enjoying this different than appliqué. By the way your appliqué is way better than mine LOL.
    Hugs Bunny

  5. It looks wonderful. Can't beat blue for a quilt.

  6. Fabulous ! What a great way to get the perfect result.

  7. Wow, this quilt will be so beautiful. There are some other projects I will have to finish first, but Oma's blues is definitely on my list!

    I can't help but wonder what this fusible stuff is that you use when sewing? It looks like a big help to sew on the right spot. Can you take it off later or will it stay in the quilt?

  8. Oma's Blues is still just a dream of mine but I still enjoy reading your blog. Without knowing anything more than the pictures from the post, have you considered going a step further and foundation (paper) piecing the center plate? It looks like an ideal candidate for that piecing method.


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