Tuesday 19 May 2015

Oma's Blues Part 5 is Launched

Whoops! Sorry everyone, the 15th just flew by me this month! I think I must have the world's best Moderators over in our Yahoo Group because Glenda sent me an email this morning wondering where the 15th had got to? Good question!

Since returning from my workshop in Queensland, I've been busy working away on the next BOM. As they say, time just flies when you're in the 'zone'...

So here we are: Part 5. It's more charms again this month. Personally, I just love these charm plates and I'm curious to see how everyone decides to position their own arrangements (or insert some new designs all their own?) in the border blocks here. I've arranged these blocks to make sense and mean something special to me, but like all my quilts I know that those of you making it will add something of yourselves as you create the blocks that reflect your own lives.

Oma's Blues is my current free BOM: it's not too late to start as all parts including this month are still available for free over in my Yahoo Bom Group.


  1. Thanks Esther for more beauties. I am looking forward to getting mine started. You know we all get wrapped up in our creative time and days fly by. You are busy teaching and sharing all the time so a few days for us to wait is certainly no problem. Thanks again for your generosity.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Thanks so much for doing these patterns and sharing them for free! They are amazing!



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