Saturday 2 May 2015

Look! Another Love Enwtined (Kirsten Kreutzfeldt's)

I really love my Yahoo BOM Group as there's always images up there that are downright inspiring. I'm honestly awed by the passion and creativity of my online quilting community - to say nothing of our generous Moderators and this all means that I get to see my quilts being made from all over the world all the time. Its a wonderful feeling and I'm so blessed to experience it so often that its almost routine now.

Each and every one is a marvel, they are so beautiful. The truth is, I've run out of words to even express how different, styled and unique they each are. I'm left with saying things like 'it's beautiful' over and over which sounds so glib but the fact is, I don't know what else I can say. THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

My quilting group is over in Yahoo and this blog is over in Google and somehow, these two worlds just aren't connected enough for my liking.  For one thing, blog readers miss out on just how jaw dropping-ly good these quilts look during their creation. And many comments stay over there where people are viewing images so there's a kind of gulf between the two that I wish I could bring together in one creative place. There's so much advice, info and sharing that happens over there that I often wish Google would create a useful group or that Yahoo would create a useful blog so that we could hang out in one still staggers me in this day and age that such technology often feels disjointed like this.

Anyway, as much as I love my group (and I do), there's something extra special about seeing a project in real life and with Love Entwined that is especially so. There is so much to visually take in you just want to hold and look. And look. And look.

I was delighted to meet Kirsten Kreutzfeldt and see her centre of Love Entwined progress.This is her quilt so far. Kirsten has very generously allowed me permission to photograph her quilt and put it up here on my blog to show everyone. Thanks so much  Kirsten, I just love how you are making this quilt uniquely yours!
What a great compass. I love how the gold is shining from behind, this centre is alive

I love the fabrics and I love the zig zag - what a great choice Kirsten.

Also, have you noticed her use of broderie perse? Its sitting so well with the pattern. I know that those of you familiar with Love Entwined can see where she can gone ahead and used artistic license to make it all her own and I think its gorgeous! You have to make what speaks to your own heart and when you do, the result just shines. 

Love the dove (?) too Kirsten, what a character!
 thanks for sharing it with us all...
When I realised how many LE's were being made, and how different they all were, it dawned on me that we needed a not for profit coffee table book to publish, share and enjoy between ourselves. This is something I am working on (you know, its on the list). I haven't felt a hurry for it because I know it will be a few more years before enough quilts are finished, but just seeing so many of them progressing so much faster than I ever expected makes me excited all over again.

Love Entwined, what a legacy. 


  1. It's so beautiful. But the hoeray is also for you Esther, because you really want to share. We don't have te pay you, you share it all with us. So everyone can choose to join you in making wonderfull quilts. Thank you so much Esther, with a lot of respect, my kind regards for you.

  2. Thanks Esther and Kirsten. LE is such a great quilt design and I love how it is being personalized by each maker!

  3. Another beautiful LE! I have yet to start mine, but I hope to do so in the near future. With all the inspiration from the group I am almost ready to start.

  4. That bird is soooo cool. I'm inspired to stretch creative wings further every time I see such clever interpretations of LE.

  5. Esther,

    Thank for not rushing in to the book of the LE quilts. I am still working on mine, I am on the last border. I have a few bits to complete on earlier parts too. I have been steadily working on this for coming up to 2 years in July & I am determined to get it finished for the book when it happens!!

    Dawn, BC, Canada

  6. Facebook may be the answer to your desire for one group.


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