Tuesday 31 March 2015

Lily Rose: Starting to Quilt

I've decided on simple, elegant quilting lines for Lily Rose. I've pulled out my trusty old Brother Nouvelle because using my Bernina 820 is too stressful. 

As for the Brother, I actually had it for sale on Gumtree as I am trying to downsize and 'let go' of my (good but no longer useful to me) machines, but it's such a great workhorse that I've decided I can't let it go just yet. 

I have 11 sewing machines and I've reached a stage in my life where this is not useful to me anymore. I'm too spoiled for choice and find that I don't use any of them anywhere near enough. There are some machines I will have forever - like my Bernina 440 and my 1950's Elna which is nearly as old as I am! I wonder sometimes if my Elna will outlive me. It probably will you know. This is the only machine I have owned that can stitch canvas to silk without missing a beat. They just don't make them like that anymore. This reminds me that I'll have to take a photo of it and stick it up here as a 'hall of fame' machine for everyone to see for themselves. It really is one of those legendary machines!

With 1500 stitches a minute, I'm in love with the Brother over again! And I'm confident that I'll be able to domestic machine quilt Lily Rose without any hassle. 

Many of you know that I have experienced unacceptable issues with my Bernina 820 and I can tell you that Bernina have contacted me regarding this matter with a view to repairing this machine for me. They would have collected it already, but due to my workshop, teaching and travel schedule this wasn't possible on my end - so I'm looking forward to having my 820 remedied after April.

Today, I am doubly focused - I'm on a strict deadline and have to make progress or else I won't have Lily Rose ready in time. 
I'll keep you posted...


  1. I love quilting with my Brother Nouvelle. But I do not like doing the cross hatching. maybe a bit more practice and it will grow on me. Your Lily Rose is looking lovely.

  2. Eleven sewing machines!!! I have only one industrial machine, but I cannot quilt properly with it. Is the Brother machine the best choice for a machine quilter beginner?

    1. I know it sounds a lot, but I have been sewing my entire life! Also, I sold three in January so it's not as bad as it was...

    2. The best? Hmmmm... that's hard to recommend. Personally I would opt for the Bernina 440 over the Nouvelle generally speaking, but I think the Nouvelle is much faster if you already know what you're doing. That's why I'm using it - for speed.

  3. Oh Esther that quilting in the oval is lovely and how the fabrics glow, it is amazing how quilting brings many quilts to life. You sure are on a roll at present, looking forward to tomorrow to see the next stage. Glenda

  4. Hi Esther - I do hope Bernina are able to sort out your 820! I have a little, basic mechanical Bernina 1008 that is a real workhorse. It has sewn several hundred mohair teddy bears and thousands of hours of piecing and quilting without ever missing a beat over the past 8 years. I have two other machines, but I love my Bernina. I can't wait to see your finished Lily Rose.

  5. Looking good. I am just about ready to add the last borders. Love it.


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