Saturday 21 March 2015

FREE Pattern: Oma's Easter is launched

This year I've been thinking about Oma's Blues a lot. I have my blue stash at the ready and although I haven't started my own Oma yet, I'm getting such a kick from seeing everyone else makes theirs - its always on my mind!

Thanks so much to everyone who is sharing their progress and images over in the Yahoo Group, I really love seeing what you do and its almost as good as making my own - I get all the eye candy without any of the hard work. For the time being, anyway :)

You know I love to release an Easter project each year and this year is no different. I've designed an 18 x 14 inch wall hanging (mine will go on our kitchen door, its the perfect size) and I've styled it in Oma style to fit right in with Oma's Blues (when I eventually have my own hanging in our dining room). I love these two bunnies. There's a boy and a girl here meeting up over a delft inspired egg nestled beneath a folk heart. The cornices are a styled return to Oma and I like the delft-ish feel so much that I feel a cushion coming on....perhaps an early Christmas project? Time will tell...

I'm really happy to share my own Easter project with you again this year and can't wait to see how you make and style your own. 

I opted for blue and white as this is the stash I'm busting in 2015, but I couldn't help going wild with colour and here's my bright spring version:
This pattern is available for free over in my Facebook Bom Group and suits all applique styles. To be really fast, I'm thinking of making mine with fusible and will blog it during the week when I do, so stay tuned...

Oma's Blues is my current free BOM. You can download it for free over in the files area of my Facebook Oma's Blues BOM Group. Oma's Easter is the Oma's Blues Easter project for 2015 and will be available for free until Easter.


  1. Oh my gosh you are amazing. My mind is spinning and I just got up. I was thinking what colour will I go with LOL. Once I get to my sewing room today after household chores and hemming skirts that I have had for over 20 years that have come back in style only shorter. I will dive into my stash to see what I come up with. Might not be able to finish it before Easter but will give it a try. I have my two others Easter Projects out to enjoy this Easter. Hugs Bunny and a big Thank You.

  2. So sweet, I wish I had the time :-)...

  3. Esther,
    Oma's Easter is just too cute. I'll print it off today and am going to do it. I had started Oma's Blues but got bogged down, not totally happy with my results although I didn't get far. I plan to start over and do the center piece via back basting I think although I'll maybe paper piece the outer ring. It really is a lovely pattern and thank you so much for sharing it.
    Vivian in Mississippi

  4. What an adorable project, Esther! Thank you for all you do! xx

  5. This is adorable! You are so talented! And generous too!

  6. Esther, Once again you have brightened my day with your beautiful patterns and generosity. Thank you for the wonderful Easter treat.


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