Friday 27 June 2014

Here's My New Tablecloth!

Quickest WOW ever, I love getting projects completed in under 48 hours!

This fabric is just gorgeous, it reminds me of Dutch blue plates which also reminds my of one of my new BOM designs. I think it's a fine fabric for a tablecloth. And being cotton means that its so easy to wash. Unfortunately it also means I'll have to iron it each time I wash it, and I do hate ironing but I think the beauty of having it makes up for that (and you never know, one of my DDs might offer to do it ..?)

The fabric had 'borders' which I cut out and stitched around as the hem to finish off the tablecloth as the table itself is oval shaped. I was going to use a lovely wide navy blue ribbon I had, but it would mean far too much ironing and buckling later on and I do like my tablecloths to hang straight. Because of this, I usually select heavier weight fabrics and light upholstery prints for my special occasion cloths but even they need ironing when un-packed so I guess its just something you can never get away from!

I have to iron the center crease in after each wash or I'll never get it centered on my table! This trick really helps and saves me walking around trying to tug it into position. I also starch the tablecloth so that the center line stays.

And this is the real reason this particular fabric print caught my eye; my tableware is all white and the blue and white print with patches of french toile makes each meal feel like a scene from a rural painting....

At least until the washing up...

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Just beautiful! I love your fabric as well...

  2. Love it, Esther. That border is the perfect touch. Will be worth the ironing.

  3. That is looking lovely! Wishing you lots of good times at meal times with your loved ones.

  4. Twoje projekty są zachwycające.Życzę wielu wspaniałych pomysłów, w dalszej pracy artystycznej.

  5. I like a tablecloth. It's like clothes for the house. I seldom unearth our table to eat though it's so full of stuff! Yours is lovely and those wood floors are gorgeous! envy...
    LeeAnna Paylor


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