Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOW: Earliest Quilt WIP

WOW = WIPs on Wednesdays

Here's an early quilt of mine, made in my first year of quilting. I guess you could say it's my oldest WIP! It's 13 years old. That's a long time to have to wait to be basted and quilted!

Actually, I still like it and I definitely will quilt it..


What's Your Oldest WIP?


  1. My oldest work in progress is actually the quilt on my quilting frame - I finished the top about 3 years ago and it had been 3 years in the making then, I try to not have any wip that just sits folded up for years on end without finishing it. I only have one quilt waiting in line to be quilted and I'm working on 4 and cutting out one.

  2. Love the border on your WIP, Esther. My oldest WIP is 23 years old - made a long time ago but I'm hand quilting it. It was the 2nd project I started and like most beginners, this one was a queen size quilt.

  3. Love your quilt, Esther. I have two oldest wips. The first is my very first sampler quilt begun in 2000. The second is my Dear Jane quilt still in progress since 2000. The sampler quilt is being put together now and I hope to quilt it this year. As it was hand pieced I also intend to hand quilt it.

  4. Great quilt. I am glad you still want to quilt it. Enjoy.

  5. Last year I had a bit of a clear out and found two bear paw blocks I English Paper Pieced in 1978. It was my first effort at patchwork. I didn't touch patchwork again until two years ago. I'm not sure what to do with the blocks as it is impossible to match the fabric now...but I feel I should do something with them as they were my first!

  6. Oh you so put me to shame!!
    My first lots of quilts were nothing but patchwork.
    I really like the design on your long overdue WIP. If I knew how to know measurements I would give it a try.

  7. I have a lone star quilt top I made in 1985. I remember being pregnant with youngest daughter and had to put it away when she was born. Just found it recently and need to get it finished! She has a child now so I'm really running behind with this one. I love the soft colors on your quilt, Esther.

  8. The oldest one that I can remember (!) is my Dear Jane - started 11 years ago. I may have older blocks hanging around, but had a bit of a 'push' on completing WIPs and UFOs last year, which helped a little!
    I love your WIP, though - what a beauty!

  9. Your "first" quilt is lovely. It really is. I'm not sure what my oldest WIP is. I have many ... so many!

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