Wednesday 12 February 2014

WOW: Signs of Starting

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 

Of course, the journey started last year when I created the pattern and launching the BOM was a exciting time, but I just didn't feel ready to make a start on it. There was always something amiss. The timing was hectic for me, then I was torn between endless colour scheme possibilities and finally I suffered real disappointment with my Bernina 820. I lost a lot of enthusiasm for sewing during that time.

But most of all, I was really hoping that we might uncover something more of the mysterious quilter who poured so much love and detail into the original quilt in 1790. It seemed a far reaching idea...yet possible. After all, finding the quilt was an enormous achievement in itself, so I dared to hope in my heart that we might be able to at least give her a name... but she is still a mystery and she is still out of our reach.

It's true, I was waiting. But now I can wait no longer.

Are you a member of my Yahoo BOM Group? Have you seen the amazing quilts members are making? I am astounded with the quality, ingenuity and difference between the LE's. Honestly, there are so many different styles, seeing them just makes me so happy and proud. The idea of so many beautiful quilts out there, reflecting each quilter in their own unique way is wonderful.

This year I've decided to focus on Love Entwined. This is hard for me as I have over 50 WIPs on the go, but I have to focus because I can't let another year pass without having this quilt made! It's too much of a Must Do! It's such a precious heirloom, even at these early stages it feels special to be sitting down and devoting the time needed to create it. It's not a quilt you can rush.

Today I can look over my sewing room in the morning light and say, this is it, the beginning of a very special journey.Yesterday I printed out the center square pattern in order to start a production line, I'll keep you posted as I work my way through, I aim to get the compass finished today.

Is there a special quilt project you're waiting for the right time to make a start on?

What's Your WOW ? 


  1. Esther it is great to hear you are beginning your Love Entwined - I have taken a long break from it while I finished and started other things. I will get back to it sometime this year. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish - I'm sure it will be great!!

  2. Oh Esther it warms my heart to see you starting your LE. I am sure we all have been holding our breath waiting for this. Yes for sure I have to be in the mood. I went through a dry spell while I was moving and it was a struggle to get back. Looking forward to seeing your journey.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. The iris quilt pattern that was a freebie at one time with Mountain Mist batting. I have the pattern and I have the fabrics. I'm just waiting to get other things finished - things for other people.
    I did wonder when you were going to start on LE. Looking forward to seeing your work.

  4. Hi Esther,
    Good to hear you started. Enjoy the making of LE.
    I am excited to see yours grow.
    As for me, I am still in love with love Entwined. Mom and me enjoy working on ours.

  5. I'm so excited for you - and so pleased - that you are finally going to start your own LE! I hope that you enjoy working on it with fabric after all this time!

  6. Lovely to see that you have started your LE - the pile of fabrics looks great, can't wait to see your progress! Celia in England

  7. So happy to hear you are working towards getting Lovers Entwined completed in 2014.Looks like you are on a roll now having your fabric selected.

  8. Great that you get started now too Esther! Great choice of fabrics you show in the picture.
    I have most trouble to finish a quilt, so this year I aim at least to quilt two of them (and the LE going forward offcourse)

  9. I'm fascinated with the little blue scissors! They are so glowing and pretty. It's important to use pretty tools, n'est pas?

  10. How exciting for you.Enjoy the process! I am so pleased you are starting yours.

  11. Hey, neat! It's going to be fun to see what you do with your Love Entwined. I really enjoy watching everyone work on this. I do have an important quilt that has lurked for a couple of years - and will lurk at least until 2015. . . I want to do a really nice "something" with my wedding dress, which was my mother's as well. I keep thinking something ala Cindy Needham, but I don't have any particular plans worked out yet. I think I'm waiting to soak up more inspiration and to get my skills and confidence built with heavy free-motion quilting on a very detailed level before I dare cut and quilt on that satin.

  12. I'm glad to hear you are starting your LE. I learned so much following your progress on the Forget Me Not BOM, I'm sure I'll be learning more as you show us what you do.

  13. Hi Esther,
    I love your work. Always with you


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