Monday 17 February 2014

Prepping LE Fabrics

Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet BOM

So many fabrics, so hard to choose between them all! Since creating Love Entwined, I've been thinking and re-thing my fabric options almost nonstop! It's been difficult. Over in the Group there's actually so many styles and schemes being made that I've been able to satisfy a lot of my curiosity - what would a dark background look like? what about brights? what would 1930s prints look like? What about moody mid tones? I've seen so many styles and yes, they all work!

I'm making my Love Entwined on a white background -I decided on white because I'm being drawn to many antique tone fabric prints and I think the white will work so well alongside them. It has light detail in the print, its not really a french toile but I do love this affect as it adds depth without distracting from all the applique that's coming.

I'm starching my fabrics and making sure that the grain is straight: I do this to prevent buckling or pulling on the fabric once all the applique is applied. It's a small detail which makes a big difference to the overall finish of the quilt top.  

Preparing all the pre-cut borders. As I'm starting in the 9th month, I'm making the quilt in different order from the monthly BOM parts. I'm creating production lines and today I'm working on getting all my fabrics ready.

No matter how long prepping takes, its always faster and more efficient than creating applique that warps on the background or bleeds during steaming after being sewn down. Fabric preparation is an insurance against this kind of preventable disappointment later on.

This post is related to my current BOM: Love Entwined 

If you'd like to read more about it, you can do so by visiting the Love Entwined Page at the top of this blog, underneath the header. If you're making the quilt yourself or are enjoying the journey, please leave a comment. If you are making the quilt and would like to share your progress and ideas with other quilters who are also taking part: you can do so by adding a link to specific blog posts. See the Love Entwined Page for more info. 


  1. What a wonderful idea to prep all the background fabrics as you described. I have not yet started mine for 2 reasons. I could not decide on the colours and I have not had time. I plan to officially start on Feb 18 on my granddaughter Elly's 2nd birthday. LE for Elly. I just might get it done by the time she walks the aisle.

  2. I am so looking forward how you are going to make this loveley project yourself! Have fun preparing


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