Wednesday 5 February 2014

WOW: More Quilt Changes

 WOW = WIPs On Wednesday
I've finally settled on Sunshine & Shadow for my kitchen wall. You'll know from last week that it was actually my first choice, but I played around with different quilts before going back to my first idea! I often do this with fabrics too, if I could only be satisfied with my first impressions I'd save myself a lot of time.

Yellow can be a difficult colour to photograph, I knew that when I created Sunshine & Shadow, but what I didn't expect was how different this wall looks at different times of day when the yellow in the quilt looks as light as butter and sometimes as dark as daffodil. It's definitely a moody quilt that changes the light of the room all day long.

Actually I would have left Peony Pride (left) up for another season as I do love it so much, but it's background is pristine white and lately I've noticed dust settling in the quilting grooves, so I've taken it down to give it a clean. It's too hot at the moment to wash this quilt, but as soon as the weather cools from steaming hot to mildly warm, I will wash and dry it outside. I never hang my quilts from the washing line, I dry them flat so I need good weather - but not too hot - to dry them perfectly. I like to wash all my quilts at once just a few times a year and I wash most of them flat, by hand, so it's a time consuming workout!
Now I just need to decide on a quilt for my bedroom wall. I have Hearts Desire hanging in there right now and the morning light shows up all the details beautifully. I really enjoy sipping my coffee and admiring the fabrics before I face the day. But on the other hand, I do have so many quilts and not enough walls - so I will take it down this year for a change. But it can be hard when you have so many quilts to choose from...

What's Your WOW ?


  1. Sunshine and Shadows looks stunning there Esther. Such a calming quilt, it would be lovely hung in a cancer clinic waiting room were it would sooth so many people. It is beautiful. What a lot of work washing sooooo many quilts by hand??????? Cheers Glenda

  2. Thanks for hosting the linky party Esther!

  3. I love your quilts Esther, they all look so pretty! Thanks for sharing and again thank you so much for your addicting LE-virus!!!! Help, I can hardly stop!

  4. Yellow is my favorite color. I fall in love with any quilt that has lots of yellows.

  5. I love this quilt. Do you have the pattern for sale? I have looked at this quilt for years and have drooled over it.
    Michigan USA

  6. I love your quilts and hope to start
    mine version as soon as I have finished an engagement quilt for my grand daughter plus a half done one for my youngest grandson 16 yrs.I change my quilts every season sometimes more often it gives me a lift to have a new room


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