Wednesday 16 January 2013

WOW: Look What I found ...

 WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Look what I found this morning - I guess there really are some perks to clearing out your sewing room! I have loved this little Ming Dynasty Japanese vase for over 20 years! It's been missing for a good five years, I was sure I last saw it in my DDs bedroom, so I'll have to admit right now that I actually found it nestled in my aqua/yellow fabric stash. It was bundled up which must be how I missed it when I packed my fabric boxes up. I think I must have been matching it...for a table runner or a complimentary applique plate wall hanging, or maybe I just wanted to make some cotton serviettes to serve with tea and biscuits? They all sound like nice ideas.

This little find coupled with the fact that it's Wednesday and I don't have any WIP progress to show because of my sewing room situation, makes me all the more determined to make more progress today.

What's your WOW?


  1. Wat een beautiful Janpanese vase you have found.
    Greetings Ria.

  2. A lovely vase. I can see a beautiful applique block from it.

  3. A gorgeous vase so happy you found it. I am too late to link my blog boo hoo.

  4. Great article! Thanks for sharing and more power to you!

  5. When I came to your blog and read what you had written about cleaning your sewing room, I just had to laugh! I'm in the middle of the same thing and, yes, it is taking a lot of time!! But this post really resounded with me - I'm always finding "buried treasures" while cleaning!
    Good luck with your efforts!!


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