Monday 14 January 2013

Minimising the Sewing Room

And I really thought I could do this in just a few weeks!!

My sewing room has been in need of some serious attention for years. Somehow, there's always been something more pressing to attend to. There were times I purchased the same item 2 or 3 times because I forget I already had some...or more often, couldn't find where the existing supply or item actually was. Then there came the time when my shelves couldn't take any more, then came the time when I found it hard to really do anything too productive because I had to dig myself into and out of areas. And it doesn't matter how large the space is, it seems I can always fill it...and have mobile sewing stations set up around the house as well. I really dislike the word 'minimising' because it always sounds to me of getting rid of things when you don't want to. And I do want to. This isn't about going without. It's about having the best use of what I already own.
The problem with going through all my stuff is that I keep finding interesting things!
I realised that I had too much stuff. The problem is, it's all useful. And it's all served a purpose. But, like a lot of things, I reached a point where I had to minimise. I want to go back to essential items and plenty of space. The fact is, although I have so many useful tools and time saving devices (such as specialty rulers), I always do things the same way and mostly use a small handful of the same things over and over. So who am I saving all these items for?? I was holding a lot of stuff for my DDs...but they've proven over and over that they're perfectly capable of buying things themselves. So I've decided to let a lot of unused items go to good homes. And I'm minimising to maximise my quilting time.

I've let go of literally hundreds of magazines which has given me so much space. Since blogging came along I don't buy magazines regularly anymore and I'll be holding onto just a shelf or two of essential quilting and inspiration books. Over the next 2 weeks I will be unpacking my fabrics and downsizing The Stash.

I'm really excited about my new neat shelves. Well, they will be neat. Soon.
When I started my clear out before Christmas, I really thought I could get it done before New Years. Ha! My fabrics are still boxed up. My Wips are still bagged up. It's just something that can't be rushed. I don't want a single unnecessary thing cluttering my space. I've sorted, boxed and moved everything out of my sewing space. I've re-positioned the shelves back to back, library like, to maximise room. I'm going through everything to have only the things I really need around me. I have so many projects I want to see completed over the next year or two, and this will be a real pick up in my working pace. I don't want to do it amongst clutter and disorganisation.

I really miss having my own sewing room to retreat to. I've started sketching over my shopping lists because I can't the box with all my journals. I've already started designing new quilt elements, so I'm going to need my new improved sewing space very soon; I'm going to have to just get on with it, no matter how long it takes! 


  1. I love my magazines!! I read them, then when I need inspiration I re read them. I sit in the bathtub for time away and read them again. LOL. As far as space perhaps if you designate a space for a specific thing, and then limit it to just that space and when that space is full, it is time to use some or loose some.

  2. I so know what you are going through after having done something similar. You wont know yourself once it's all done - good luck
    hugs - Miche'le

  3. I can really relate to how everything became too overwhelming and I am just about in that same position so I will be watching your space to see how successful you are. Happy 2013 to you.

  4. Sounds like you are talking about me and my room LOL I have tried several time to get rid of stuff... LOL I still have some to get rid of and I will do that this year for sure. I have fabric that I will never use so it will go to someone who would use it. Enjoy getting your new space made for your creativity. Oh yes and I just love FMN number 12 they are gorgeous. Thanks Bunny

  5. Good luck with that!
    I decluttered mine before we moved. Again on unpacking it all, and again now. It still seems the same however many books and fabrics I give away.


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