Wednesday 29 June 2011

WOW: WIPs On Wednesdays

Do you like my new Kaffee Fasset knit shirt??
It's this week's finished WIP !

This is a light knit jumper that I’ve always liked wearing. It’s a good shade of red…but the white collar and cuffs have never excited me. Just lately I’ve been having a major clear out and stock take of my wardrobe. Buying a few new things….and trying to ‘release’ other things….Well, I love this jumper and decided it just needed a revamp.

before and after shots:

 It’s been a while since I sewed a shirt collar and cuffs, but why let that stop me? I really love Kaffee prints so my eyes instantly went to my Kaffee stash….but then I was distracted by a few other prints…

These red spots on white were a close call, I seriously considered them ...but finally decided they were too close to the old white.
Then I found some larger pastel dots that I really like….but which don’t really work.
I really loved the blue with orange in this, it would have been a bright flash of colour...but perhaps too bright
I just like it and pink with red can work really well...I especially liked the lime accents...
I did love the bold lines of this print – but my DD stepped in with a 'No Way', so that was the end of that. Actually, looking at it now in the photo, I'm sure this print would have been fine...
Then I found this Kaffee bright I had plans for (I have plans for all my fabric) and instantly fell in love with it. 

Yes, I knew I’d love wearing this print
and I think it’s very complimentary.


  1. I really love your jumper re-vamp, Esther. That Kaffe coleus print looks just fabulous and I'm sure will be much admired (especially by quilters!). Such a clever thing to do.

  2. oh you clever puss! Love what you've done with it [ although I probably would have voted for the print that your daughter vetoed, the one you chose comes a close second ]

  3. What a total revamp of a jumper - a great idea Esther, I love the combination - will you be trying it on again on another top?

  4. Such a great revamp! I love the new one and the fabric you've chosen, it looks fab! You are super-talented!!!

  5. Excellent choice and very complimentary!!

  6. Clever girl! Thanks for sharing your process. You made just the right choice and did a terrific job with it; it's unique and beautiful.

  7. Oh that is a WOW I love it and I think I have a sweater like that and hate the white too. Hmmmm might just have to copy your fantastic idea. Hugs Bunny

  8. I love what you did with your jumper. I probably would have made removable dickies and cuffs out of each of the fabrics but I like things that change. I had a fat quarter of the Kaffe fabric: made an applique boot out of it and it looked great.


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