Wednesday 15 June 2011

WOW: WIPs On Wednesdays

My WIP this week is no grand affair: it’s a repair. Yesterday evening, very late and I decided to bind some of my patterns together after my photocopier DIED. But I accidentally insert a photocopier transparency instead of a plastic transparency (distracted by the above) cover sheet and wham!

The piercing blades came down and became fused in the too thin plastic. The effect is like trying to hole punch fabric.

Disaster! No amount of wiggling helped.
And now on top of every other project that needs to get done, I have a binding machine that needs to be fixed. Why didn’t I pay more attention? Luckily, very luckily my DH pulled the machine apart and patiently unscrewed everything…and there were a lot of ‘covers’ and screws and bits that I was convinced would never go back.
I had an instant headache watching my beloved binding machine go to pieces. But then –and this is the most impressive part – it came back together. Perfectly. And it binds better than it ever did. And I can’t remember any other appliance ever successfully coming back together this easily. It feels too good to be true.
The binding machine has been rescued from my carelessness. From broken to brilliant in under one hour. I am so lucky to have a DH who knows how to fix things.
See, I tear myself away from quilting to make biscuits every once in a while and my DH repairs all my mistakes. Ahhh, just the way I like it.


  1. Glad it was not a total catastrophe.....

  2. First the photocopier then the binding machine? Oh no! Thank God for your handy DH!

    I get it! While he fixes all your mistakes and is also effectively reminded as to why you should rarely tear yourself away from quilting! If you do it right, you should be able to have him telling you to go back to quilting because then you do less damage!

    I gotta file that away for future use! LOL!


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