Friday 17 June 2011

Hearts Desire Part 5

Guess What?

Block 5 is (finally) launched
Mr. Toshiba is back in action– I’m not 100% satisfied with his recovery, but the fine tuning is next week’s problem. He got back on his feet long enough to allow me to launch Part 5. Let’s just say – I love Warranties…

Back to Hearts Desire. Yes, we’re nearly at the end. I do feel like a strict task master each month with this BOM which refuses to slow down. But I do feel it’s worth it, and hopefully next month, when the last block is launched and the end is in sight, you will too.
You didn’t think Hearts Desire would get easier as the months passed by, did you??
This month is all about the main border surrounding the inner square and, being a Hearts Desire, it’s a flourishing border with just enough room to show off your beautiful quilting when you reach that stage.
There are: 4 flower heads, 4 baskets and a picket row of leaves to fence it in. The border itself is rippled. Now that Block 5 is here, the strongest sense of direction has arrived and you can finally get a real sense of how your finished quilt will look. Yes, there is 1 month yet to go, but this month moves everything towards the design’s final placement.

Looking through the BOM Blocks so many of you have listed in the Yahoo Group is nothing short of breathtaking. I love browsing through your unique colour palettes and although I am always saying it – it’s true, I do live a little through each and every interpretation that is being quilted. I love seeing quilters make designs their own, and I definitely feel this when viewing the photos posted in the group.
A note on this month’s pattern: please read the pattern carefully before starting. I have included a layout guide and I have gone ahead and reversed some key pages for you to save you the additional trouble. This means that you are ready to print without requiring a photocopier yourselves, but please do measure your blocks against the pattern.
While gluing the pages together, it is easy to lose 1/8th of an inch and over 12 pages this adds up!
Be accurate and double check your measurements at the end.


 You can find  my BOM on my website or in my YahooGroup


  1. Oh my, what have you done?!? I'm so far behind with making three baby quilts I fear each new release! It looks super, really wonderful. I love it and am left wondering how to interpret it in 30s fabrics... I'm going to a show on Sunday more buying opportunities there for something fun for this border... When the bill for my plastic comes in, I shall place the blame totally on you!

  2. Thank you Esther for persisting with Mr Toshiba as I know he is a fickled man!! The pattern is amazing border to what will be a great quilt. Thanks again Angela

  3. This is the most beautiful pc. I've ever seen. I still have three more blocks to finish for block four, but that will give me time to search for the right fabric to do this one. I can't hardly contain myself from wanting to start it right now this minute. Thank you so very, very much Esther.

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  5. I am so grateful and happy that you do all this. I think it is a magnificent challenging and beautiful quilt.

  6. How beautiful! I still have Blocks 4 to do but only today have I been able to start printing again so I will be getting all of these printed and and taped together so I can see what colors I will be needing. Thanks.

  7. Esther, your designs are wonderful. Thank you for letting so many of us benefit from your beautiful designs. Even those of us who only make one of each month's pattern. Thanks for not dis-owning us. Victoria


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