Thursday 30 December 2010

The Charm of Old Things

Aren’t the days flying by quickly? It’s just about New Year’s Eve and I haven’t even finished clearing up from Christmas…

I admit that I am the kind of person who becomes distracted when sorting through things. I might be clearing out a box of fabric….then I find a print I was looking for a few months ago…and that gets me started on returning to my idea….and before I know it, I’ve started another WIP.

This year I ‘found’ some long lost (but not sorely missed as I actually forgot they existed) cutlery as well as another box of Christmas Tree lights that I knew were somewhere…but couldn’t find them when we needed them. That will be useful next year.

In amongst the sorting through, I got to the back of the tea towel shelf and found our favorite apron. We have a lot of aprons in my house, but the most charming has to be this one. Isn’t it just the real thing?

My DDs always negotiate over who will wear it when we get Christmas or Easter baking as it has a special ‘something’ about it.

 I purchased the fabric and sewed this apron up 35 years ago. No pattern of course. You didn’t use patterns to make your aprons 35 years ago – you just did it.

This ‘kitchen dress’ has seen a lot of action and has endured thousands of washes – look at the color. Can you imagine that it was even brighter than that 35 years ago? It must have been neon! I dearly wish I had a photo of me in it all those years ago to compare.


  1. that is a wonderful apron with plenty of memories in it I'm certain. How can you not be cheery while cooking when you have that on??? Just adorable! I hope you have it for another 35 years!!

  2. This pattern might have a huge comeback in present times. For decades, it would not have been noticed, but now it is what we call "cult".

  3. Oh, how sweet! I am old enough to remember....If you hold on to things long enough, they become "in" thing again, but not many people can do that:)
    Best wishes for 2011!

  4. I'm an apron-aholic and wear certain aprons for certain tasks. This one for Christmas cookies, that one for the messiest chocolate jobs, the one over there matches this outfit pretty good, etc. When I saw this the first thought that popped into my head was "a strawberry jam apron!"

  5. What a pretty apron! It is amazing how long you have it!

  6. I've been making aprons lately and your old one is wonderful. I love that fabric.
    Aprons are a good way to use nice prints you don't want to cut up into small pieces.

  7. I love your pinny! (Does anyone else use this term for an apron?) It's beautiful and hasn't it lasted well?


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