Wednesday 15 December 2010

O Christmas Tree

 It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It's almost Christmas, the house smells of fresh pine and the decorations are up. This year, the poinsettias are looking a bit tired, so for the first time I don't have one on my table yet. I do miss them, but was happy to find ruby silk peonies (above) I think they are beautiful and I have a whole vase full.

This is our cat, pretending not to notice our tree .
Whenever we are near, she assumes this 'position'

What Tree?

...and then nibbles the branches and attacks our baubles!

We have had to 'anchor' our tree into position so it won't come down when she tries to climb it
(which she has already attempted twice)

We've had unusual weather this, hot and then cool again. Today we are expecting thunderstorms and 30 degrees c.

It's too steamy for any serious Christmas baking at the moment, I hope it cools again so that I can get a few batches of peaches and a few other goodies baked next week. I have decided not to bake if it is too warm as cakes flop, yeast doesn't rise nicely, biscuits stale and things just don't turn out. This is so frustrating as I have so many great recipes perfect for this time of year...oh well, I will wait and see.

Do you Christmas Bake or Buy?


  1. Oh, we definitely bake! Here in Iowa, we reached -16C a few days ago, with a promise of even colder weather to come. Doesn't baking sound like a good idea in those temperatures? Merry Christmas!

  2. Love those red peonies! Where did you get them?
    I think they are better than the poinsettias as they will keep forever!
    (thanks for all of your lovely patterns during the year, all still unfortunately on my to do list!)
    cheers Julz

  3. Oh yes, we bake here. Tis the season to bake cookies & make fudge. Was 4 degress here yesterday. Love the smell when baking.
    The red peonies are Beautiful! Love the kitty too! I'm a cat lover.

  4. Esther,

    I truly understand about the "getting into it" Christmas mood when it is 75 outside. Love the big red peonies, they are gorgeous and add such a touch of flair to your decor. My cat, too loves the new big green thing in the room. Just hoping she stays on the quilt at the bottom, lol. Happy holidays to you.


  5. I always do bake at home, because homemade cookies are the best. I love your blog and sensational patterns. Merry Xmas for you & your family! Györgyi


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