Wednesday 5 January 2011

Bees & Lavender

Thanks to so much unseasonal rain this year, the lavender is lush, bright and scented. This shrub is by my front door. Last week I stepped outside and I had to look again because at first I thought it was covered in was golden and sagging- but no - it was covered in bees.

I have never had bees visit this close and in such numbers, it's fascinating to watch. The lavender is humming non stop and seems to 'move' with the activity.

This morning the lavender was a little quiet, (maybe the bees  have moved on?) but there were still enough coming and going to take these pics.

They dart around so fast, I just held out my camera and snapped. There were plenty of fuzzy ones I deleted right away, but in between I managed to capture some close ups.

Isn't lilac and lime simply stunning?
 I don't have a quilt in these colours... (I can feel another WIP coming along)

And whilst I was inspecting the passion fruit flowers, I discovered a craftily hidden nest from last season. It isn't high up, about  1.6m on a curved frame - but it was concealed enough to keep it hidden from our roving neighbourhood cats.

I still marvel at the ingenuity of bird nests, they are so beautiful. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm spending my days strolling around the garden- but no - I am hard at work and looking forward to seeing my WIPs come together quickly and finally get finished.

And of course, the new BOM is coming soon. How soon? real soon!

I am working, working, working..


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the next BOM - Happy New Year to you.
    Oh you could just close you eyes imagine the warmth and scents if you tried real hard - lavender, lime blossom and lilac - yes please.

  2. Sounds and looks like a wonderful is great that you are taking time "To smell the roses"

  3. Love to see the bees! When we were on holidays in summer 2009, we hat a lavender shrub beside the house, and it attracted dozens of bumble-bees and small blue butterflys! A lovely sight, too. Looking at your photos, I can imagine the scent...

  4. In my yard I have about a hundred lavender plants and the bee activity at the height of bloom is mesmerizing to watch. (I'd love to find that hive!) The whole yard seems to move. Everyone stays well back from the bees but me. I walk among the plants with scissors cutting handsful to bring in, shooing the bees away as I go. They never bother me and one neighbor observed they were used to me so they leave me alone. I don't know if that's true but it's the highlight of my summer to walk into the yard and inhale, the aroma even coming into the house with the breezes.


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