Friday 27 November 2009

Cherry Thieves is launched

I've mentioned that Red Delicious just doesn't feel finished yet, so this month I have continued into a "Red Room" theme.

The Red Room will continue Red Delicious’s themes and incorporate them into a room’s decor. That’s right, we’re not finished stash busting reds just yet!

Now that Red Delicious the quilt is on
my wall, my table is looking a little
empty... so what better than to create a
‘Red Room’ table runner? Delicious.

This pattern is made available to you in 2 parts. This month is part 1.

I am finishing up a few more Red Room ideas before ending Red Delicious. There will be at least another project after The Cherry Thieves Table Runner is completed...I'm still thinking about it!

I will be keeping those fabric stashes dwindling until the New Year when a new Mystery BOM will be launched.

As always, I'm struggling to bring you good pics of my work ( I think Red and White is somehow particularly hard to photograph) but I know you will all make it your own and do great things with it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Dear Esther

    Again we must thank you. I am a quiet lurker but only have two blocks left to finish of Red Delicious.Funnily enough it is to be displayed on my dining room wall so the 'Thief' table runner will be perfect.
    New Zealand

  2. This is great! Thanks Esther!

  3. That's so eye catching, Esther!! Quite striking indeed - love it! Thank you for sharing with us. :-)

  4. I think this is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Woopee a new bom mystery, I have only two blocks to go in the Red Delicious, as I am making it smaller to fit on a wall at the end of our hall, but think I will try and incoporate the runner as a block as well. My own self impsoed deadline to finish the quilt top is the 31 January 2010.

  6. Ester, thank you so much for your wonderful patterns....Cherry Thieves runner is just beautiful and what an appropiate colour for this time of year....I'm sure there will be a few of these adorning Christmas tables this year!
    Keep up the stash busting and again thanks for sharing your lovely work with us.
    cheers Julz

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh, it is beautiful. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow Esther, This table runner is gorgeous. How nice to have one to go with the quilt.. So glad I stopped by today to see what you have been up to. Thanks for your gorgeous work.

  11. Oh my Esther!!! This is so lovely. Thank you again for this wonderful BOM and the extras. I am looking forwarde to next yrs. BOM from you.

  12. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns. I still have to put the border on but I kept up and will finish it next year. Love the idea of a tablerunner. Carol

  13. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns. I still have to put the border on but I kept up and will finish it next year. Love the idea of a tablerunner. Carol

  14. I only came across your Red Delicious a month, or so ago, so too late to do it now. I suppose I'll try making it later, but this new block I absolutely lovely. We have a couple of cherry and morello cherry trees in our garden and we really have to fight the birds to protect our rights ;-), so for me it is a very personal thing ... I love morello cherry jam!
    Thanks for sharing!

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