Thursday 5 November 2009

Back to blogging

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. I have been down with the flu and totally unmotivated to get down to any of the many things that are waiting for my action.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, so it was a cheering day. Today I have post birthday cake and pampering overload – but I’m not complaining, it’s a nice problem to have!

I sold my middle sized polar bear this week, so I’m packing him up to be shipped. I always get newly attached to my bears when it’s time for them to go to new homes, so I took a farewell photo.

I’m finding flowers in the house so nice, I’m dreading the summer that is quickly coming upon us here, as it scorches the garden and wilts bought flowers within hours.

I have much quilting to get done before summer is here, so I really have to get down to it. I was unhappily surprised to find the supermarket full of Christmas decorations, menus and ‘stuff’. Only a matter of weeks until the end of December. Must get busy!


  1. Joyeux anniversaire, Esther !

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday and glad you are feeling better.
    It is scary but Christmas is not that far away.

  3. Glad you are feeling better for your birthday, Esther!

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday Esther.

    Your flowers look beautiful. I was very lucky and recieved some today for my B/D too.

    Your bear looks soooo soft I am sure his new owners will just love him.

  5. Happy belated Birthday. Good to hear your are feeling better.


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