Wednesday 14 October 2009

Tulip Delight is re-visited

Blending the hues on the fabric directly

Organising the medium, brushes and paints

Laying out the stencil for working (notice the tidy surface?:)

I've been wanting to re-visit Tulip Delight since I made it. It's one of those designs which can be worked in so many different ways. As a stencil table runner, I'm especially interested to see the difference colour can make. Last week I was working on a design for an upcoming wedding when I received an email from an Etsy shopper who wanted my opinion on whether it was suitable as a Wedding gift for her best friend- worked in the Bride's favourite colours of (cornflower blue, butter yellow and magenta). Did I think it was suitable? With a wedding of my own to attend at the end of the month, it got me thinking about how much use I've had from this table runner and how practical table runners are. (Obviously quilts are my first preference - but my own DD has demonstrated that taste can vary significantly). So I decided to take my own advice and set to making Tulip Delight myself for the wedding I will be attending.

Today I've gotten down to business and will keep you posted as I progress through. I am working in Fuschia, Green, with Gold highlights on a hand dyed marble background (yes, technically this beautiful piece is a stash buster!)

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  1. Esther, I can't wait to see what you do next. Thanks for the Red Delicious BOM. WOW, a tidy studio!! I must try that one myself (LOL) perhaps I'll find that UFO I've been wanting to work on. Thanks again and looking forward to more wonderful things from you.
    Namaste - Terri at the Drake's Nest in Ossineke, Michigan


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