Tuesday 6 October 2009

Fabric Dilemma

Loves the green vine print (new) & the chocolate print (old stash)

Hates the rose and stripe print! (new)

I broke my own rules last week because it was my DD's birthday coming up and I saw fabric online that I knew she would just love. So I purchased it online (I didnt plan this, I was just browsing to see what was new out there - to jog some inspiration from my own stash) and the perfect prints for a beautiful quilt just appeared. I had to buy them! Easy, I though, this quilt is going to be so easy...

The only problem is, she HATES the rose and stripe print (which is actually the perfect match for the vine print). I explained this as patiently as I could, but she has declared an absolute NO on those two prints. So now my easy design is stuck... I have a green vine print (the only print I bought that she loves) and some left over chocolate prints that I've always wanted to use somewhere...and thats it. Now I'm really stuck. I have been through my stash and...nothing!

This is incredibly frustrating. Especially as I am now -2- birthday quilts behind - I just never got around to making last years, its still on the list, and I was planning on using the beautiful rose print in the 2nd quilt as well, as a sort of running theme.

How fussy are non quilters?

I am going to wait a week and then go through my stash 'again'. I will not be purchasing any more new fabric for this quilt.

I will also not be browsing online fabric stores either.


  1. Poor you, fussy recipients are difficult I know!
    I'd still use the stripe cut into tiny widths so they look like ladders instead and those roses are fabbo with the chocs and vine too. Maybe you could just make the quilt and offer her the choice, quilt or a book?
    My sister hates florals and "busy" prints...she doesn't get quilts from me.

  2. I love the rose print too. Maybe the problem is she just cannot "see" the quilt. I would be tempted to go ahead too. If she does not like it you have a Fab quilt for yourself :-)

  3. "How fussy are non quilters?"

    That's what you get for asking. LOL

  4. I love the combination of the vine, rose and stripes. I agree with PatchworkRose that maybe your DD does not "see" the quilt possibilities. Just go ahead and make one fabulous quilt - she'll be begging to have it once its done.
    Oh, and let us see it as well.

  5. I agree with the other quilters - I would just go ahead and make the quilt exactly as you have envisioned it. I betcha she will love it - and if not you will have another lovely quilt for yourself or another lucky recipient. It would be so hard to make quilts for people when they wanted to pick their own fabric and you just know it's not right! Go for it, Esther, I bet she will adore it! Carol

  6. I love the rose print too! The stipes are awesome. I love the flowers as well. Last week I posted my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, but snap dragons are beautiful as well. Love your posts, Stephanie from Maryland


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