Monday 7 September 2009

Sorting Through Inspirations

The year is not yet over (although I do keep asking myself, where is it racing to so quickly??)...and that means my New Year's Resolution to quilt my way through my stash is also not over.

I have made some headway through my mountains of fabric and I have been very good (except for the very odd occassion!) and tried not to add anything AT ALL to the rule has been - it can be purchased if it is going to be used immediately - which is not the same as the 'immediate' or 'near immediate' future. I have had to get quite tough on myself as I really do have a weakness for collecting beautiful fabric and convincing myself that I am going to use it....and then convincing my husband to install another shelf.

As stash busting years go, I think I've done OK so far, but I could definitely improve. So with just a few months left of the year, another round of birthdays coming up (have I completed last years birthday batch of quilts? No they are all still UFOs!) I took out this years batch of journals ( I have filled 8 so far) crammed with ideas and have spent the morning writing up a list of what has to be done and picking over my designs and opting for ideas that would best suit my stash shelf.

Naturally, I was attracted to the designs that required lots of lovely new fabrics but they will have to go on the backburner. I am still commited to seeing my shelf lighten to 4 rows of neatly folded fabric and 1 or 2 tubs of colour assorted fat quarters. This is my goal and I am still working towards it.

At the moment my shelves are groaning with fabric - just going through it is an event as you have to remove so many layers to get to what you want. When I feel like some fabric shopping would be 'just the thing' to kickstart a quilting session, I only need go through a single shelf - every time I do, I find fabric I forgot I had, it's really quite amazing how much a quilter can collect.

Another afternoon of organising ahead, I'm hoping this will be one of the last as it's really time I got into some serious near year's end busting.


  1. That looks like an awesome pile of journals!

  2. I'm soooo jealous of the fact that you have a set of shelves and a lovely husband to add shelves. Lucky you. I know what you mean about that compulsion to buy more. I am generally a cash saving savy but fabric is my weakness. I've only spent $19 on fabric for about a month. It's been TOUGH!
    Good luck with the reorganising, again.

  3. That's a terrific plan. I wish you much success with your efforts. I too have been trying to use my stash, and trying to organize all around. It is hard, especially seeing all the beautiful projects out there, but the pleasure in cutting up newly purchased fabric without guilt is waiting for you when you reach your goal.

  4. Hello Esther,
    it's very difficult not to buy new fabrics!!
    Well done to use the old fabrics first :)
    I'm trying to do the same :)

    Have a nice week,

  5. I love to draw and seeing all of your journals there sure inspires me. I too am a collector of fabric. At least it will come back in style at some point. LOL

  6. My plan for this year was to complete one UFO each month and to allow myself to start a new project as long as better than 60% of the fabric came from stash. I also have been making at least one charity quilt every other month and all of that comes from stash. So far, with these rules in hand, I have had a really good year. But I love making my own rules. LOL

  7. I think the only way we won't add to the stash if for the fabric manufacturers not to make any new stuff for a year. Not going to happen. Always something new to tempt us.

  8. I have just read a book by James Rohn, and he says that the people who accomplish the most are almost always inveterate journal keepers...and I think that you would most definitely fit that mould Esther. I have journals, and I have shelves and shelves of fabric, but the journals are mostly empty, and the fabric needs to be used! Lol.

  9. A lot of us have quite a bit of fabric (I mean a lot, a lot of fabric). And it is hard to use as one has to wade through it all, and it's a very personal journey.

    I really admire your design notebooks - that is an inspiration and lesson for us all.

    And the only way any stash-busting can occur.


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