Friday 25 September 2009


Finally, it's raining. It's been quite heavy this morning, which is nice, I can practically hear my shrubs and neglected flower beds sighing with relief - it's been a very dry season. Even during drought, you can't help but expect rain and renewal, even if you should know better. Singed grass and heat struck gardens are such a sad sight.

I'm having a productive day in my room. There's suprisingly good sunlight and I have a heap of quilts on my sewing table to be finished. This is the kind of day that brings out the knitter in me... but I have managed to resist. I don't need TWO hobbies, my house isn't big enough!

Although, Last week when I was looking for some thread, I came across and purchased some lovely bitsy netted yarn and enlisted my DD to whip me up a scarf. The yarn refused to work with her crochet hook so she started with the needles, but has lost interest after two rows! I'm afraid she may have a bit too much of my own work ethic already! The whole lot is back in the yarn bag. She says she can't 'muster enthusiasm' for needles, which is a very interesting excuse. I say, knitting is knitting, isn't it? She says no - you're either a crocheter or a knitter...what do YOU think?


  1. I'm with your DD a knitter is a knitter and a crocheter is a crocheter. I knit but don't crochet. You may just have to knit the scarf yourself. And yes, isn't this rain we are getting just great for our gardens.

  2. I did both for many many years but have resolved not to pick up the knitting needles again...just because it is fashionable again.

    I did make a couple of scarfs a few years back when that first special wool came out. enough.
    I spent half a life time knitting and crocheting.....I will still crochet...but am not jumping on the knitting bandwagon....

  3. Hmmm, well I can do both, crochet and knit but I can understand the enthusiasm for one and lack of for the other. I prefer to crochet and find it hard to get committed to knitting, it usually ends up living in the wool box!

  4. I can knit away quite happily but crocheting for whatever reason leaves me mystified. Not through lack of trying by the way.


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