Tuesday 22 September 2009

New Habits

In the morning, my sewing room is a beautiful place to be - light floods in and it's very inspiring ( I blame the position of this room for my desire to 'start' so many things...). When my cat hears me making my morning coffee, she gallops across the house and leaps onto the ironing board with a gusto. This is one of her favourite past times.

She likes to take position there because she knows that -I- will need the ironing board and she likes to wrestle me for it. If there are fiddly bits of fabric that need to be stuck down - that is even better, she really enjoys pushing bits off the board, or re-positioning herself and sitting on them and looking innocent while I hunt around and convince myself I forgot to cut them in the first place.

In the last few weeks though, she has been a bit disappointed, as I have been clearing up, organising myself and generally 'tidying' or finally finishing work on my sewing machine, so she is a bit miffed with me and has started making sure I know she is ignoring me.

How is my studio looking? Ah, still a work in progress. However, I am getting there slowly. I feel a sense of urgency in getting all these projects under control ASAP as my daughter's are starting to take a keen interest in quilting themselves and I would like to instill in them a sense of ONE PROJECT AT A TIME. However it's hard to take the high ground when you have to beat a way to your own design table.


  1. Loved the photographs and sympathise - I too have studio cats who do their utmost to distract me and seem to find fun in sabotaging the process! Really enjoyed this post (though it left me with guilt about the state of my studio!

  2. Fortunately my dog is too big to sit on the ironing board BUT every day she heads straight for the floor in front of my sewing machine and plonks herself down :)
    I'm aimimg for the one project at a time idea as well and since my youngest daughter does that she is helping me work towards it !!!

  3. Oh Esther, the scene with your cat on the ironing board is so familiar to me, lol! I have new kittens who I am training not to perch on ironing board...its a WIP I'm afraid.
    They are fascinated with power cords and batting, so I really have to watch them and never leave them in the room alone.

  4. Obviously this cat is so convinced that she's a lion! She starts looking like one.


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