Friday 6 February 2009

Thinking of a new technique?

Have you tried your hand at a stencil quilt yet?
Stencilling is an heirloom quilting technique, it was practised by the earliest quilters. Today, I havent noticed many quilters embracing the possibility and scope that a stencil quilt can offer....why not?
If you're thinking of trying a new technique, or if you thought stencilling was 'too modern'....think again! Stencilling is a beautiful, skillful craft, why not incorporate some stencil blocks into your next quilt?


  1. No Esther, I havent thought of stencilling but you have obviously become an expert so how about showing us. I wouldn't ask now, not when you tell us it is soooo hot, poor you. Have you changed the colour on your banner or has my husband been tampering with the computer - again?
    Robyn K
    New Zealand
    (busy with your BOM and loving it)

  2. I don't know what stencilling is. Do you have a sample?

  3. I first stenciled on fabric in a class at the National Quilting Association's 1987 (or 86?) Seminar in Baltimore, MD (uh, USA). We did a picture of an ancient Egyptian scene with geese and grasses. I was hooked!

    I love to stencil on fabric -- the paints are fun and the results are always great (especially is you cannot draw a straight line even with the help of a ruler, like me:)

    :) Linda

  4. I love your work. I live in the Netherlands so it's not possible to come to one of your workshops alas. Did you write a book about it or could you recommend one?
    Kind regards

  5. I took a stencilling on fabric class in the 80's when we lived in the Kansas City area. I have also done a lot of wall stencilling - in fact, if you stood still at my house in the late 80's you just might have been stencilled!! Love the look. Wondering what paint you use - special fabric paint, or paint with an additive for fabric. I have seen articles on freezer paper stencilling, also. So many wonderful things to do. By the way, I adore your Red Delicious BOMs. Am doing them in machine buttonhole stitch. Thank you so very much for the lovely patterns. Mine are posted on my blog. I am so sorry about the horrendous fires there - so very sad. I pray they get them stopped. And I hope you all get some relief from the heat.


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