Tuesday 24 February 2009

its nearly time for AQC

Well I'm still trying to get through my shelf of UFO's and then I started Red Delicious to get through my serious stash of reds....but I havent been able to keep up with the comments generated by Red Delicious as much as I would have liked to, so now my free monthly BOM has a new home, via yahoo groups, if you're making this BOM and you haven't already- join in and post your pics - the blocks being made look so good it's putting me to shame!

Tonight I'm preparing for my AQC workshops. I'm going in tomorrow for set up, I cant wait to catch up with everyone on the weekend.

I don't know why, because it doesnt matter how well I plan, I always end up with late nights of preperation....even when I promised myself I'd be better organised this time around...so you'll probably see me with a strong coffee in hand...
see you there! Stencils at the ready!

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