Wednesday 11 February 2009

a patch of Lavendar

Lilac and Lime, Simply Sublime
I took this photo years ago in my lavendar patch. I'm so glad now that I took so many garden and plant photos when everything was blooming- I find everything about gardens inspiring and love to sit down with a steaming cup of coffee and go on a sensory journey of my gardening history. Sometimes it's colour, or remembering the texture and sometimes it's just a craving.
For those of you who havent enjoyed the taste of Lavendar, go out of your way to grow, pick and enjoy some Lavendar biscuits laced with sugar, Lavendar and Mint Tea, or some lavendar clotted cream with your's a delightful taste. I've even made a Lavendar Sponge which was an absolute hit. And no kitchen is complete without a tin of caster sugar slowly absorbing lavendar heads tucked deep within.
But back to quilting thoughts....I don't think I have a quilt top with a strong design of lilac and lime, these colours go so well together -they're just waiting to be made. I would love to have a splash of that colour in my home, it's such an evocative combination. I have a great lime green in my hand dyes but I think the lavendar colour will be quite hard to find. I want an intensity which doesnt go into purple, but keeps a strong hue. Maybe I will have to stencil the colours.
I think it's definitely about to make my list. I'll keep you posted!


  1. It's wonderful. I'd like to see my quilt, of my levendel's garden here:

  2. I thought of your beautiful photo of lavender growing today -- my quilt shop got a new shipment of lavender and green fabrics designed by McKenna Ryan and they are exactly these colors. :)

    How beautifully spring-y!



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