Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WOW: Wednesday again...already?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Is it just me, or has May arrived rather quickly this year?
Yesterday I unpacked my sewing machine - it's been packed away for months, I simply havent had the room to put it to use (or the motivation to create enough space for it). I know how unlikely this sounds, but I assure you, it's been sitting there and I've just been too overwhelmed with WIPs and tidying up my 'creative space' to give it any time or attention. Well it's out of the box now and I've decided on some sewing to get me back into the swing of things.
First up is adding a collar to the stripe top. I just think everything looks better with a collar but so many tops that are otherwise fine just don't have collars anymore... so I've dug out some black and white print fabrics to add my own.
And whilst I'm adding on a collar, I thought I might as well make myself a shirt from some floral print I love. Surely having as much fabric as I do means I get to wear some of it?? I'm planning on sewing it up this week, so I'll keep you posted.
I love this print and I wear so much green it will be a nice shake up for my wardrobe...
So I'm getting my domestic sewing out of the way because I have bigger WIPs on my mind: the new Free Bom. There will be 2x launched this month, both quite different. I'm really looking forward to these quilt designs seeing the light of day and can't wait to tell you more in the next few days
What's Your WOW ?  

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOW: Playing with Greens

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

It's nearly time to launch the next BOM so I've been going through my fabric stash and digging out the greens that are calling out to me. I'm also thinking of buying fabrics specifically for one of the quilts but want to make the most of my stash first if possible. You know that with any of my designs there'll be plenty of I'm thinking ahead.

On my last poll my BOM Group Members voted to see the next BOM before beginning the quilt, so it will not be a mystery. Well that's fine with me! I like a mystery but I understand how frustrating it can be, fabric wise.

This time around you'll have two BOMs to choose from and two very different quilts.

Stay tuned...

What's Your WOW ?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WOW: New BOM Preparations

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays


This week I enjoyed being a Quilt Angel over at the AQC. There were so many beautiful quilts on show and so many familiar faces to catch up with, it was a real privilege to help out and discuss techniques with interested viewers.

I did take some photos but didn't get time to ask quilters for their specific permission (quilt shows and people's attitudes to taking photos have changed so much that I don't want to post any here with express permission from the quilter), so I'll show my favourite features of the building - the historically reproduced stencil wall and ceiling features that I always love to admire.
What about the new BOM ?
With Forget Me Not finished, I don't want you to think it's all cosy evenings and knitting around at my place - no no! I'm busy at work on the new BOM which I'm super excited about and there are a few surprises in store, it's a whole new approach for me.
So stay tuned...
What's Your WOW ?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WOW: Exercise…for Quilters

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

I’ve never been super keen on fast paced exercise (or really, any exercise) and I don’t own any pieces of gym equipment. But as I get older I’m coming to realise that I really need to take control of my fitness levels so that I have the stamina and endurance to keep doing the things I love.

Unfortunately, most of the things I love, like quilting, involve sitting down. A lot of sitting down. I can get so involved in my quilting that I can sew for days on end, barely stopping.

This isn’t a quilting only problem but it certainly is something that affects a lot of quilters. And I’ve no doubt, other creative people as well.

My desire to quilt and the time I've invested in doing what I love has seen my fitness level plummet.
It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.
My love for creating has created a version of me that isn’t me at my best and isn’t me at my most productive.
I'm a member of so many great quilting groups, which i joined to better myself. But I'm not a member of any fitness groups, which I probably should be, for the same reason.
I’ve got to change that. I’m going to be a fit quilter. Not a tired quilter. Not a sit down to catch my breath quilter. Not a can't climb the hill quilter. I want to be ready for any adventure.
So I’ve started walking first thing in the morning, every morning. It’s my first step towards being healthier and living longer, so I can do more of what I love.
It’s my most important
Work In Progress.

What about you? Do your hobbies have an impact on your health? How do you find balance?

What's Your WOW ?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WOW: Winter WIP Progress

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Having my winter WIP project next to the sofa has definitely worked this week.

The nights have been cold and I've been working away at this WIP from last winter, my Puff Flower Afghan. Well, the green rounds are all done, now I only have 1x white round and then I'll join them up to be finished! It feels great to be getting through my DDs yarn stash and to end up with something useful and beautiful.

That's my Winter Nights WIP, but my other WIPs (there's too many to mention) are being neglected during the day as I have been planning the next BOM. I have a lot of quilt projects I can't quite finish for one reason or another, so I think I should slow down and get them done before moving to the next BOM, but I find I can't help myself, and once you're inspired to create, you just have to do it!

only two puff flowers left!

What's Your WOW?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Do You Love Roses?

On Sunday I went along to the Rose Society of Victoria Rose Show, "The Autumn Rose Spectacular" at Gardenworld Nursery. I love all flowers but roses are a particular favourite of mine. At the Show, I was pleased to meet the first female President of The Rose Society of Victoria, Veronica O'Brien. What a lovely woman!

She was kind enough to pose for a snap for my blog and of course I told her how much I loved flowers - in fact, I think most quilters do. I know so much of my own applique and original designs are floral based and I'll listen or watch almost anything garden and flower species related.
And it's got me to thinking about how unusual it is that none of my quilting groups have ever had (as far as I know) a Rose or Flower Society Guest Speaker. Have we? Have I missed it? I know that I would love to hear from someone like Veronica O'Brien guest speak about such a favourite topic of mine at meetings, would you?
What I really loved about this Show was how friendly and approachable it all was. I was actually expecting an outdoor show with roses hedged in groups, so I was suprised to see rose cuttings arranged in bottles on a large long table. What an excellent idea. I really enjoyed getting a good look at the variety displayed. As they were in bottles, I was able to pick up a few for a really close look or smell. So many caught my eye, I'd love to share the whole lot with you - but I'll limit myself for the sake of this blog post to the ones that really spoke to me:

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WOW: Winter WIPs

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Now that the evenings are chilly, my mind turns to thoughts of my Winter WIP Stash. It's too gloomy in the evenings to get much quilting done, so I usually work my way through some knitting or crochet. My last knitted WIP was my super Ripple Afghan, which I love and get so much use from. I've decided that this winter, I will try to get through my next afghan which is a puff flower afghan.
I stopped this WIP after all the puff flowers were worked because I didn't have enough enough green yarn in the stash and went on a colour matching expedition. The green in question cannot be found so I have settled for a lighter green and think that overall, the variation of greens won't matter, and if it is noticeable, I'll call it a sun dappled effect! I do like to work with wool in the winter, it's so cosy. I don't know if the winter will be long enough for me to get it done, but I have put my knitting bag next to my armchair to keep me busy during the evenings! Hopefully that will remind me.
The greens don't match, but I don't mind anymore

Now I just have to dress a few hundred puff flowers in their green fields
and then lastly, add the white round and join it all together
What's your favourite seasonal WIP ?
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