Wednesday 17 April 2013

WOW: Exercise…for Quilters

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

I’ve never been super keen on fast paced exercise (or really, any exercise) and I don’t own any pieces of gym equipment. But as I get older I’m coming to realise that I really need to take control of my fitness levels so that I have the stamina and endurance to keep doing the things I love.

Unfortunately, most of the things I love, like quilting, involve sitting down. A lot of sitting down. I can get so involved in my quilting that I can sew for days on end, barely stopping.

This isn’t a quilting only problem but it certainly is something that affects a lot of quilters. And I’ve no doubt, other creative people as well.

My desire to quilt and the time I've invested in doing what I love has seen my fitness level plummet.
It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.
My love for creating has created a version of me that isn’t me at my best and isn’t me at my most productive.
I'm a member of so many great quilting groups, which i joined to better myself. But I'm not a member of any fitness groups, which I probably should be, for the same reason.
I’ve got to change that. I’m going to be a fit quilter. Not a tired quilter. Not a sit down to catch my breath quilter. Not a can't climb the hill quilter. I want to be ready for any adventure.
So I’ve started walking first thing in the morning, every morning. It’s my first step towards being healthier and living longer, so I can do more of what I love.
It’s my most important
Work In Progress.

What about you? Do your hobbies have an impact on your health? How do you find balance?

What's Your WOW ?


  1. It looks like you have a lovely walking path. Keep it up. I know it will help you to feel better - invigorated.

  2. HI Esther,

    Good for you. I love quilting too but we need to take care of ourselves as well. Start small and you will keep going. I think we get discouraged when we try to make too big of a change all at once. I think this applies to any new thing we are learning or trying to change.


  3. I find this a challenge as well. My new years goal this year was to work on that balance. As soon as the weather warms up I'm planning to use gardening as both a "to do" and an "exercise" check off.

  4. Well Esther I know that anyone who says they like to exercise is not telling the truth. I have been exercising for a few years, went to aqua fit-walking - curves then in 2009 hurt my rotator cuff and could not exercise. The had rotator cuff surgery- gained some weight back and when I was all healed went back to exercise. My hubby has heart problem and has to exercise so we go to the gym 5 days a week.. We go at 7:30 am for an hour and am happy when we leave the gym... Lol still not a favorite thing to do but we do it. I even got a trainer for a while so am not bored doing the same thing every day. Good luck we need you healthy.. Hugs

  5. Hi Ester,
    I've recently made a commitment to move more too - including walking every morning. I've dusted off our treadmill and will use it if the weather isn't cooperative.
    I've included a photo of a recent morning walk on my WIP post.
    Have a great week!
    Sylvia's Stitches

  6. Yes, I know exactly what you are saying! I hate exercise, but I have noticed a massive improvement since I got Jasper, we walk every morning for an hour or 2 in all weathers and I love it. Find a friend to walk with - time goes so fast if you are chatting!

  7. I'll tell you a secret; I keep my iron upstairs and my sewing machine downstairs. That way I have to run the stairs for every seam I have to iron. But I go for a walk sometimes too, of course.

  8. I had the same revelation a few years ago. I started riding a stationary bike for 15 minutes. Now I do an hour a day first thing in the morning. If I don't do it then it doesn't get done! It took a couple of years but I finally made it a habit and don't feel good if I skip it. I also bought myself a tablet and it's now my blog reading time and it goes by quickly!

  9. Well done Esther! Keep at it. I found that the enemy of exercise is thinking about it too much. Don't think about going walking because you will think that it might rain, you don't feel like it, you can go tomorrow etc - just go and do it and do not stop to think. Then it is just a habit and something you do. Good luck!

  10. Hi Esther,
    Congratulations on your decision! After a while, you'll need it running.
    I have a dog. I have to walk several hours each day. It does me good. I love the walk through nature. Here I get the best ideas for quilting.

  11. Hi Esther. Last summer a couple of quilting friends said they'd taken up Nordic walking. One of them had needed to lose a lot of weight and this had helped her. I had a free taster session and am now so hooked that I asked for poles for Christmas! I live in a gorgeous part of the UK and our walks are either along the sea front, river inlets or a wildlife cycle route. I walk once a week and we only had a couple cancelled over the winter because of the weather. I've also gone walking with my granddaughter in the middle of the week on some weeks which gets both of us out. My trainer said she notices the difference when I do the extra walk. Most of the time there's only the two of us so it's like having a personal trainer without the cost!
    I walk much faster and more easily with the poles, but feel rather stupid if I walk on my own.
    Being out in the fresh air is much more enjoyable than working out in a gym.
    Oh yes, my indoor exercise is sewing machine at one end of sewing room and iron at far end of the kitchen!
    Kernow Quilter

  12. Good for you, it will be of great benefit. If you like the outdoors you might try Step Into Life in your area, and they have a link to a an eating healthy program too if you wish. Remember it takes about 3 months to establish a habit so keep at the walks.

  13. Good for you! So many quilters are so fat. Why? It's terrible. And I don't know if fat women are attracted to quilting or if quilting makes women fat, but there's an undeniable link and I think it's embarassing.

    Your health is the most beautiful, important thing you have. Cherish it.

  14. Since I retired from a very physically active job 5 years ago, I've had to work at finding ways to get exercise. Many of the creative passtimes I enjoy are far too sedentary. Daily walks are good but exercise can be intergrated into our daily living. For instance, instead of having the ironing board set up near the sewing machine, put it into another room or at least far enough away that you have to get up and walk and stand up to iron your work. When you drive to do your errands, park farther away from the shops you're going to visit and walk. You don't have to "take a walk" just be alert to the other opportunities that present themselves to get exercise.

    Sandra in Kelowna British Columbia


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