Tuesday 9 April 2013

Do You Love Roses?

On Sunday I went along to the Rose Society of Victoria Rose Show, "The Autumn Rose Spectacular" at Gardenworld Nursery. I love all flowers but roses are a particular favourite of mine. At the Show, I was pleased to meet the first female President of The Rose Society of Victoria, Veronica O'Brien. What a lovely woman!

She was kind enough to pose for a snap for my blog and of course I told her how much I loved flowers - in fact, I think most quilters do. I know so much of my own applique and original designs are floral based and I'll listen or watch almost anything garden and flower species related.
And it's got me to thinking about how unusual it is that none of my quilting groups have ever had (as far as I know) a Rose or Flower Society Guest Speaker. Have we? Have I missed it? I know that I would love to hear from someone like Veronica O'Brien guest speak about such a favourite topic of mine at meetings, would you?
What I really loved about this Show was how friendly and approachable it all was. I was actually expecting an outdoor show with roses hedged in groups, so I was suprised to see rose cuttings arranged in bottles on a large long table. What an excellent idea. I really enjoyed getting a good look at the variety displayed. As they were in bottles, I was able to pick up a few for a really close look or smell. So many caught my eye, I'd love to share the whole lot with you - but I'll limit myself for the sake of this blog post to the ones that really spoke to me:

 "Red Cross" such full, red, roses

my favourite rose of all, the peony, was not at the show - because it's not the right season for them, but this rose came somewhat close, it's called Prunella
 Then this warm apricotish/yellow is China Sunrise

this bunch is called Annie's Song which I think is so fitting,
looking at the heads, they look like they are singing with colour

This bunch took my eye, it's called Playboy
 and this one is called Australian Sunrise
Now I think you can tell, just by looking at this head,
that it is a beautifully scented rose - it attracted me immediately, and
it's scent is wonderful, it's aptly called Perfume Perfection
and there's going to be room in my garden for this beauty for certain

 oh, you look familar, a lot like my Wild Rose block
but you're called 65 Roses

This is the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch rose and it's a stunning yellow into pinks colour
it's a WOW rose for sure, the head is magnificent

my favourite of the lot, it's called Heaven Scent. My goodness, that name is perfect. It's the classic rose scent as I know it, the type of rose I have made rosewater, cordial and elixirs from. Of course, those roses were many years ago and I don't know what their specific names were, but this rose is the closest I've found to matching them and along with Perfume Pefection, this rose will be planted in my garden this year. How could I resist?

 Maurice Otrilla

Alfred Sisley


Marilyn Monroe


Black Jade

 Diana, a Shropshire Lad
 Savoy Hotel, I think these make one of the best cutting roses for bringing indoors
they cluster beautifully all on their own

Double Delight - such vibrant colours!

Of course, all this showing of roses has me thinking about my own designs and how strongly floral motifs have influenced me. In my last BOM, Forget Me Not, I covered many different types of flowers, but I do wonder if I have an exclusively rose deisgn in me? Possibly... it would be a wonderful project (but I might end up a gardener rather than a quilter!).

were two rose blocks enough???

The next Rose Society of Victoria Show is the
Spring Show 2013
at the Mount Waverley Community Centre
on Saturday 9th  and Sunday 10th of November 2013


  1. Beautiful! I adore roses, and wow there are quite a few magnificent new kinds.

  2. Esther, I am a volunteer with Veronica at the State Rose Garden at Werribee Mansion. She was our President last year. We volunteer every Wednesday morning, come down for a visit. The garden is beautiful at the moment. I love Savoy Hotel also.

  3. Love the roses! They remind me of my Dad who grew them for my Momma! My favorite are the peachy colored ones and 'Peace' roses like my dad had in his garden. I'd make a totally rose quilt if you chose to design one.

  4. Well I never knew there were so many variations of roses. They are all gorgeous. I am embarased to say that I didn't know the Peony block is a Peony Rose. I have Peonies in my garden and they are a favorite besides my Hydrangias.
    Sounds like you had a fun time.

  5. Yes I love all beautiful fresh flowers especially roses. They are the most prominent Flowers for birthaday. .


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