Wednesday 27 February 2013

WOW: Too Much Cake!

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Happy Birthday to my DH. What a lovely day.
But two DDs means two cakes = what could I do with it all??

Luckily I had a judging workshop this past week and was able to share it out.
It was too good to go to waste...but I definitely couldn't have it hanging around the house where it would be too tempting to snack on all the time.

'where's the Easter box?' my DD asked me over our birthday lunch

'The Easter box? Why do you need that?' I replied

'Well', she told me, 'it's Easter now'

Yes it is.

Where does the time fly?
and where is the Easter box ???

'mum, this wouldn't happen if you weren't so disorganised!'

Hmm. No comment.

'do you know where the Easter box is?'

'of course, it's somewhere safe'

 And it is...somewhere. Wish me luck.

What's your WOW this week?

Wednesday 20 February 2013

WOW: Now Where Did I Put You...?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

these 4 blocks are patiently sitting somewhere

Somewhere, someplace, in a special box, I have tucked away my BOM Quilt. My Forget Me Not Mystery BOM Quilt. You know, for safe keeping during all my downsizing / re-organising / prioritising activity. Problem is, I'm not sure which box it is. And short of unpacking everything - and losing my unpacking 'system', I'm simply going to have to finish my sewing room in order to find it!

Re-organising my sewing and fabrics and 'stuff' felt so liberating, it felt like such a good idea before I started it. Now it feels like I'll never finish. Today, I'll keep unpacking.

What's your WOW ?

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Lemon Squeezy Stash Busting

I'm always being asked about free quilt patterns for beginners so I'm happy to pass on this link for McCall's Quilting Magazine. I received an email from them today, they have released several short ebooks for free download which you may like to know about. Their free quilt patterns are bright and vibrant - perfect if you have some printed fabric you'd like to show off.

Going through my quilts, I haven't made as many modern quilts as I thought I would (I think I must love traditional applique too much), but I do like simple quilts and the Lemon Squeezy quilt in this ebook caught my eye. It's one of those quilts I always have in the back of my mind to get around to making one rainy day, but never have. Well, now I have the pattern so I might just go ahead and make it. I love the idea of quilting as I go and it looks like a perfect stash buster for turning out a fun modern quilt in a day (and I need a few of those around the house). What I really like about this pattern is that the strips are wider than usual, making it fast and easy. And I definitely have plenty of fabric to choose from.

This might just be the perfect project to get me motivated again - using up some fabric and warming up my machine - I haven't sewn anything for weeks! (months?). I've been too busy organising my sewing room to get any actual sewing done.

To receive your free ebook, simply click on the above image which takes you to the McCall's site.

I don't have any affiliation with McCall's so if you have any queries about the patterns or ebooks please contact them directly through their website.

Friday 15 February 2013

FMN: Part 13 is launched

Forget Me Not is coming to it's sweet end. It's been a charming applique quilt, I've really enjoyed every block. But I shouldnt be talking about it like it's all finished now. Oh no, this might be the last applique block option, but next month is the quilt top reveal. Ready?

These are blocks from Part 13
of my free 2012 -2013 Mystery BOM Forget Me Not
Yes, anyone can join in:
You can download this month's block via my website or my Yahoo Bom Group

Wednesday 13 February 2013

WOW: Fabric Distractions

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Yes, it's all mine and this is only 2x boxes unpacked. I'm beginning to realise that I might have to re-consider my 'essential' stack  again and have some kind of sale. There's just too much. And I have to accept now that each time I make up one of my quilts, I do like buying new fabric for the project specifically. Of course, every quilter needs something of a stash - it's vital. I just have too much. Still too much...and I really thought I'd cut back enough already. Seems not.

And then there's the fabric dilemmas, like this one: I love this medieval rose design. I purchased it for my DD for a quilt I was going to make her (which she doesn't want!). Now what should I do with this beautiful fabric? Get rid of it? I might have the perfect project for it one day...... or I might not. Who knows?
 Oh look! I can't get rid of this fabric, I was going to make a shirt from it. I love the print. The colours on monitor aren't coming up true - it's really a lovely warm orange with nice detail at the bottom of the fabric, it could be such a nice shirt.... what do you think?

 I bought all these fabrics because I loved them, parting with them is going to be hard!

What's your WOW?

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Happy Travels Little Bear

It must be bear season; which is a little bit like kitten season. After weeks of no activity, all of a sudden I'm getting 2-3 emails a day asking for custom bears! An heirloom bear is a special thing, if you can make one yourself it's a wonderful legacy and if you can't, finding a handmade good quality bear is the next best thing.
a quick pic before postage!

This little Grizzly is on it's way to Norway I'm told. I always love it when a buyer is gracious enough to tell me where a bear of mine is going; it's so nice to know each and every one is going to a good home.

As I brush each bear for shipping, I fall in love with them all over again. When you make an heirloom by hand you do become attached to the characters you create as the faces and paws take shape. They're hard to part with!

When I was making bears I spent a long time (too long sometimes) sourcing the best German mohair, threading the nose thread through beeswax (manually of course) and shaping each face. I love a nicely hand stitched bear nose and I admit, it's one of the first things I always look for when I come across a hand made bear. It's such an important detail and really shows off the maker's skill.

I'm no longer making bears - they're just too time consuming. It takes a lot of skill and intense work to make a bear so I won't be taking on any custom orders or repeating patterns. What I have left in my Etsy shop is my attempt at downsizing what remains of my bear making days - they're the last of a lovely lot!

I have one small box of tools and premium mohair packed away just in case I have a family request in the years to come. Other than that, it's a hobby that I've enjoyed and moved on from.

Interestingly, my own DDs didn't have bears as children. Both were interested in dolls- and goodness knows I've made a few of those! They do both have a hand made bear of mine now, but they chose them in adulthood and I believe both are currently stashed away in boxes!

Did you have a special bear in childhood?  Do you still have it? Or did you have dolls?

Wednesday 6 February 2013

WOW: Dabbling in the Garden

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Wrong time of year
Wrong time to pot
Wrong time to be outside

But I've spent so much time indoors this year so far,
sorting out my sewing studio, going through all my stuff, downsizing all my stuff, that I couldn't resist picking up this potted flower bunch when I was out grocery shopping.

I thought it was a lisianthus when the flowers were tightly curled, but it turned out to be a Prairie Rose.
And whilst I'm out here, I may as well get some weeding done. Before it heats up for the day.

Next week is the final part of the applique block installments of the Mystery Bom,
does it feel like the almost (nearly...) end yet??

I'm already excited about the next one.

What's Your WOW?

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