Wednesday 20 February 2013

WOW: Now Where Did I Put You...?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

these 4 blocks are patiently sitting somewhere

Somewhere, someplace, in a special box, I have tucked away my BOM Quilt. My Forget Me Not Mystery BOM Quilt. You know, for safe keeping during all my downsizing / re-organising / prioritising activity. Problem is, I'm not sure which box it is. And short of unpacking everything - and losing my unpacking 'system', I'm simply going to have to finish my sewing room in order to find it!

Re-organising my sewing and fabrics and 'stuff' felt so liberating, it felt like such a good idea before I started it. Now it feels like I'll never finish. Today, I'll keep unpacking.

What's your WOW ?


  1. Awe... I did that with Heart's Desire - took me 2 days to find it sitting on the shelf above my head!!!

  2. Oh my! Just too funny that you forgot where you put your Forget me nots! LOL They are lovely though. Sure wish I had known about this BOM I would have done it too.

  3. Isn't that so frustrating! That happens to me often, and I'm not even organizing. Today, I couldn't find my steam-a-seam 2 and I just used it the other day. Finally found it right where it was suppose to be.

  4. I am always misplacing things too. I guess I just have too much stuff or my mind is getting cluttered. LOL hope you find them I know how frustrating it can be.
    Hugs Bunny I finished my two blocks and what fun I had.mthanks.


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