Friday 19 August 2011

Making HST's... fast!

This is how I quickly create Half Square Triangles (HST) using a paper method. Those of you making Peaceful Pathways Block 1 (my BOM), this is the method I used.
There are many ways to create HST: this is just 1 way. There are pre-paper printed sheets you can purchase, or you can trace a triangle template to make it the traditional way.
I like to do things as simply, quickly and as economically as possible. Above all though– it must be accurate! This method is accurate and simple if followed correctly. There’s no need to trim after cutting.
If you try this method, make 1 sheet first and then measure for accuracy to ensure that you are doing it right.
Also ensure that your stitches are shortened, approx. 1.8 stitch length
Now, in this tutorial, we are using the pattern sheet printed on A4 which is included in my Peaceful Pathways (BOM) pattern.
Firstly, cut away excess paper from around the pattern.

Making HST's fast

Cut 2 fabric pieces (red and white) slightly larger than the pattern. Place right sides of fabric together.

This is a picture of the trimmed paper template and pinned into position

Sew along the indicated red lines (sew directly over the paper pattern) and then turn and press the back of your piece with a dry iron to set the seams on the back of the fabric.
Note: the ink from the pattern transferred to my ironing board during this process (as it is facing down during this step), so I recommend using parchment paper beneath (or simply do what I do - iron down a sheet of freezer paper during sewing sessions to keep your board perfectly clean for your DH's shirts!)

Trim all the edges. You can’t see it but the fabric is beneath this pattern. Cut on all black lines with a rotary cutter and ruler.

These are cut apart pieces

Press open towards the darker side with papers still attached

Trim off the tiny triangle ears protruding

Remove papers

Measure your HST – it should be perfect. In no time at all, you finished 12 perfect 12 x HST (with seam allowance). How great is that?
Peaceful Pathways calls for 360 x HST which equals 30 x A4 paper templates with 12 HST on a sheet. So after this one, you only have 29 to go. You can make all 360 in a single afternoon.

What could be more enjoyable to do on a sewing afternoon? Easy! Perfect!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

WOW: Hex Again !

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This week I am still stitching my crochet hex scarf together. This scarf has already taken me longer than my entire shawl took to knit. I keep putting it down…and finding it again a few days later. So, whilst I still have cool evenings to wear it, I might actually try to finish it this week…you know, eventually…
Right now it’s looking like this-

it’s at that tedious joining together stage. I have gone for joining on the front side as I liked the texture of having the hex’s joined this way…then I changed my mind and considered Y stitching them seamlessly….but returned here. Now I am sticking to it.

Monday 15 August 2011

New Free BOM: Peaceful Pathways

Welcome to the launch of my new free BOM!
This is a quilt I’ve been meaning to make for years. St. Paul’s letters concerning love have long lingered in my journals. I personally love bringing this quilt inspired from those pages onto my bed.
For new BOM members, my BOM designs are quite varied as I am working my way through a Quilting To Do List which covers many different styles. This quilt is satisfying another design that demanded making!

Classic red and white, which never dates but is always charming.. and ages so beautifully. Plenty of patches to make a wide, old fashioned patchwork style border.
For all hand workers: there are 12 framed blocks ready for you to showcase your red work, embroidery, satin stitching or applique of the design text. Or stitch the text on your domestic machine.
If you are lucky enough to have an embroidery machine, put it to use and embellish each frame with an additional internal border of flowers, vines or lines, etc…
The central pathways are waiting to be quilted to add some texture and depth to the overall design.

You’ll notice the 4 corner squares (which create a heart) have been left blank. This is intentional so that you can create some beautiful quilting in there. The quilting for this space will be provided in a pattern for you. This pic below is the pattern for the corner.... just to help you visualise where this quilt is going....

This is a bed quilt: I’ve designed it so that the center square sits flat on top of the bed and the patchwork borders fall around the bed. I know this quilt is going to be beautiful and practical.

Now in the quilt design image above, the writing looks black. It is actually red. I do apologise for not having a quilt top to photograph - this is unfortunate but could not be helped as my sample sewer ran out of time. This is a shame as I do feel that images of designs look so flat - because they are. I hope you can see what I see...which is delightful red patchwork quilt that will be full of detail and texture.

I will be making this quilt month by month with you, it's going to be wonderful!

If you haven’t made one of my BOMs before, please read about my BOMs and how to download them here.

Friday 12 August 2011

Quilts In The Barn Exhibition!

I'm looking forward to this! For those of you in Melbourne, why not stop by Wonga Park to see some beautiful quilts and raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

Have you been to Linda's blog yet? For beautiful, inspiring applique - it's the place to visit.

Visit Linda's blog here:

Wednesday 10 August 2011

WOW: Red Teaser

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Today started early, with me enjoying the Daphne on this unusually bright morning.
THEN, just a few hours later, my plans for the day went out the window. My DD kindly snapped a picture of me at the table, writing design notes. As you can see from the chaos around me, I am in my element! (No, I have no idea what that pressure cooker is doing seated on a chair behind me! Oh dear.)

So I have decided to update my weekly WIP from my rainy garden to my crowded table.

As I was pondering what to do with my suddenly free occurred to me that the next BOM is launched in 5 days!! Yes, less than a week! Those of you in my Yahoo Bom Group voted to see the design in full from the start - so no mystery (even though I do love a mystery). This also means I won't be able to tease you each month with snippets of what is to come.

Here I am filing my pattern away ( I have to start doing this or I will drown in a pattern tidal wave), with my polka dot coffee....and matching fabric in the background. Sighs..... three guesses allowed, what colour do you think the next BOM is?

I will just have to make do with showing you this: and let you work the rest out yourself.
Your guesses will be confirmed in 5 days!

The fun thing about raiding my red stash was finding a much loved WIP quilt top. As it's a little project,  I might even consider basting it today. It's red stenciling on white whole cloth (bottom left in picture).

Yes, that rather large table in my kitchen is actually a boardroom table. A dining table will not do, it's simply not large enough for meals and quilting projects. Not in this quilter's house! Which reminds me, I might have to find some time to get some housework done some point....

Enjoying Winter Daphne

 Has a week gone by already?

In July I was amazed that it was half way through 2011 - because it didn't feel like half way through the year, half way through my To Do List, half way through my plans...oh well I thought, time always makes its own room when it has too. Doesn't it?

Well, what July passed over, August has made up for. I am beside myself with never ending tasks. It is crazily busy in my house. The pace is getting me up early in the mornings and late to bed. The fact is,  it's already the10th and I haven't even registered that it is properly August!

Sometimes, you just need to make time to go into your garden, pick some blossoms and appreciate the winter daphne. Because it really is quite spectacular in an understated sort of way.

The house smells wonderful. I carry on, hopefully things will even their pace soon.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

WOW: Crochet Hex Scarf

I’ve been taking it easy this week…. Domestic Machine Quilting can really take it out of you!
I was really encouraged to read so many positive comments and emails about Hearts Desire: thank you to each of you who stopped to leave a comment. It's so nice to know that someone is watching / listening to my little blog. I was going to post more pictures from the show, but when I was there on Saturday I spent all my time just enjoying the show and all the quilts....and it completely slipped my mind. Apologies!

So, wednesday rolls around again...and I have been working on a relaxing wind down WIP: this is a Crochet Hex Scarf I am making up. I think it will be ready after a few more evening stitch sessions, so I will share it when finished along with the crochet pattern. It’s a lot of fun to make and really easy too. It’s a pattern that is appearing in a lot of my crochet work lately…it’s addictive.

What have you been up to?

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