Saturday 30 October 2010

Cherry Thieves Table Runner

It's Festival Time Again!

First of all, thank you to Amy for doing this, it's so wonderful to see all those great quilts out there and to hear the stories behind them.

For my entry this time around, I thought of several quilts I have made in the last year... as well as a few WIPs that are nearly done...but I ended up deciding on a 'daily' quilt. A work that I enjoy everyday and get so much pleasure from. Introducing...

Cherry Thieves
Applique - Reds Stash Buster
An accompaniment to my quilt Red Delicious
both designs are based on red things that I love

This quilt is actually a table runner...I think of it as my table quilt.

Cherry Thieves is a complimentary quilt to my earlier work (and BOM) Red Delicious.
Red Delicious proved to be very popular and I had so much fun making it, that when it was finished, I didn't want to stop! I decided to create a few complimentary projects to accent Red Delicious and Cherry Thieves is one of these. Together that make up a lovely 'Red Room' feel.

I have found that Red and White is somehow very tricky to photograph! Although Cherry Thieves is in active use on my table, here I pinned it up and held it outside to try and capture it as best as possible. Anyhow, I always think red and white are a charming combination.

I always say...'quilting is what makes a quilt a quilt' and I really enjoyed free hand quilting this piece on my trusty domestic. Red Delicious and Cherry Thieves both keep in with a folksy feel and I incorporated that in my quilting by swirling in some hearts amongst the feathering.

A great advantage of making smaller quilts and table runners is that you can experiment and let loose... and have something practical to show for it afterwards.

I love designing my own quilts, it's so rewarding to see those sketchbook doodles come to life in something lasting and useful (and hopefully too, beautiful). I didn't think I had a specific 'look', however looking over my applique I notice strong leanings towards naive and folksy elements. They just keep appearing in my work and they feel so natural.

Red Delicious and Cherry Thieves are both based on 'red things that I love' and Cherry Thieves continues this with the two birds thieving cherries between branches. We have a lot of birds where I live and I could watch them for hours. They are both calming and invigorating - what more could I ask for directly outside my studio window?

Thank you for visiting
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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Wednesday Part 5

This week we create the applique scene beneath the tree
and stitch down the diamonds.

Just one week left...

A Wish on Tuesday

For some time now, it has been my quilting dream
to own a GO!Fabric Cutter
I won't even go on about all the wonderful things I could do with this machine because it would be a verrrrry loooong poooost. Suffice to say, I really want one and have done for years.
Why am I telling you this? Because the lovely blogger Irish Muses at is GIVING ONE AWAY!!


Head over to her great blog and enter this comp yourself.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Missed blocks for sale

Missed a block? No problem...
Missed blocks are now in my shop!
Apologies to those of you who have been waiting for this, I am very busy at the moment and it just kept slipping to the bottom of the list.

click here for quick link

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Part 4

Wednesday, Week 4

Here are the last 4 baubles
They are also my personal favourites

By now you will have mastered the art of applique onto gets easier doesnt it? The first week I was using tweesers, by bauble 10- I was flying into my scraps and getting them down in no time at all.

The method is the same as last week. Fabric scraps and getting it all down neatly.

Next Wednesday week we will be increasing our pace just a little ( I can't wait)!

You'll notice I left my faces blank... don't be put off by this. At the time I scanned these images, my sharpie pens were packed away for a workshop. I WILL be drawing the faces in. I won't let last week's squinty milk maiden defeat me.

Monday 18 October 2010

Where are the blocks?

For those of you wondering and asking where to get files,
this is the button
you need to click if you want to download the current PDF file
(it's also on my sidebar)

Friday 15 October 2010

Halfway there

Last night I made afghan motif number 45.
Halfway there now!
I can visualise this blanket now, so I am going to speed up and make 2 of an evening so I can get this afghan finished ASAP.

I am a bit frustrated because I am at the hardest part...which is the repetition...and I am eager to see some results. Seeing them bagged up is encouraging. Looking at the wool (and I always buy some over) I do wonder if there will be enough yarn. It could be halfway panic as I havent made an afghan in a while, and crocheting does use more than knitting, but I hope I have enough. I followed the book exactly and then added a few balls to round up the grams, so I should be fine. I guess the difference comes down to hand tension.

Luckily we have returned to a a coolish weather change and the rain and gloomy clouds have inspired me to get busy.

What are you knitting? / crocheting?
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