Monday 30 June 2008

Getting Ready.....

The legs are in (in the name of ergonomic correctness)......
the chaise lounge where I usually have my morning coffee is out....
and thats a sign in my household that another quilt is on its way....
and..... the COLOURS ARE SET!

Working up enthusiasm

What does a quilter do to relax?

Work on another quilt of course!

This quilt needed it's final border, and I knew that if I didnt do it today, it might never get done. So, before I can start on my next quilt, I have decided that I have to finish my old work first ( I dont know how long this will last) but at least I will finish more quilts this way. I just loes interest too quickly....

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Waltzing Pinks...published

Waltzing Pinks is published, Vol 16, No. 12. AP&Q Mag. I love the photo work they have done with this quilt, it's perfectly suited. Sometimes when you send a quilt off to a magazine, you wonder how it will be presented (no, I dont see the print photo's until its published and on the shelf.) Luckily I've always been happy with the end results....which is unusual because I'm a French Provincale fan...and they manage to get it just right.

Also in this edition, as well as the project, is a profile on me!

I was delighted to receive this magazine in the post today. It inspires me to keep on with my many studio projects.

Thank you Marianne and the AP&Q Team for such a wonderful job.

I know lots of you have been thinking of trying stencil quilt, for maybe the first time. It's very rewarding and well worth it, I urge everyone to buy this edition and give Waltzing Pinks a try! Send me a pic of your finished quilt and I'll post it up on this blog.....happy quilting!


Last time I left my quilt making to the last minute (and was unhappy with the results), I promised myself that I would consult a quilters colour tool and work according to 'the rules'.

Now, I dont like working to the rules, but after 80 or so quilts and projects, it's time I put my foot down!

Today I started my next quilt. Its a stencil quilt. It's also based on a perfectly acceptable TRI COMPLIMENTARY. All I can say is, I'm using the Red Yellow-Green and Blue colour chart.

I'm finishing up my design today and will start the colour mixing hopefully tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted. This is the only way I will actually get it done and stay on schedule. Yes, this quilt will be exhibited at Vic Quilters Showcase in 4 weeks (dont worry, this quilt has been in the 'making' -in my head- for a year) it'll get done....I hope

Craft Fair Friend

The Craft & Quilt Fair is coming up..... and I'm in the brochure!!

It's starting to sink in now, that I have to get ready!

I'm digging out all my quilts to display, including my first ever real quilt, which is in my daughter's room (not sure what state it's in)....

July seemed so far away when it was May. But now it's just around the corner. AND I have a quilt to finish.....again.....

Monday 23 June 2008

Green Leaves Published In Down Under Quilts

Vol 121, 2008
I know, I know, eventually I will get around to demonstrating a stencil tutorial here on my blog as promised.....I'm just a little behind, and a little busy to get around to it at the moment.
In the meantime, I have 2 quilts to finish by the 21st of July. If you're interested in trying some stencilling before then, I can HIGHLY recommend Down Under Quilts this month for they are featuring my project Green Leaves ! This quilt doesnt photograph as well as it is in real life, it's one of 'those' quilts that are just more impressive in real life. It's quilted in a high sheen thread which just doesnt show up in print....
Lets see if THIS edition makes it to the Canada Rockies!

Green Leaves ! Detail Pics.....

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