Saturday 17 August 2019

Hold Onto Your Heart: Making Part 8

This month it's time to create the welcoming and abundant bowl of produce. This bowl is a platter of plenty; pineapples represent welcome, friendship and hospitality. The pomegranate has long been associated with success, marriage and birth and shows up in carvings and ornaments all over the world as a symbol of prosperity. The berries represent bounty and pleasure and the zinnia flowers represent endurance. Each fruit and bloom in this bowl is in it's own peak season, so lavish all your attention on making this scene as inviting as you can. For my gentle quilt, I opted for calm colours to blend into the existing pallette:
When I was considering my pineapple options, I was mindful that I wanted a fabric to replicate the skin without creating a double layered applique shape. It was on my mind that I might have to do this, or perhaps use paint to create that additional depth, however once I set eyes on this fabric I was in love with it and decided to keep things simple.
This is what my fussy cutting process looked like
As you can see, I numbered every last shape
And you can see what I mean here about painting in the extra shapes to create depth. When I say extra shape, I mean the overlapping piece on each layer. I really like the 'cap' over each piece and would have painted it slightly golden over a chosen fabric.. until I came across my chosen fabric and didn't have to. 
This is what the back of my pineapple looks like
and of course, the front
and my zinnia
For my full colour quilt top, I fussy cut my flower head
and used this gorgeous swirls fabric for my berries
my pineapple was made from a bright and bold print which best suits the mood of this quilt top
I can't wait to show you more and see what you've been up to also..
     ' Hold Onto Your Heart' is a paid BOM   
It's a breathtaking quilt full of meaningful symbols and beauty. The floral border is a triumph which offers an additional  pieced option - making it versatile for all skill levels. Perfect for lovers and enthusiasts of applique. 
  You can start this BOM today!   
Be sure to visit my Online Quilt Group on Facebook where progress images are being shown all the time. It's a massive inspiration and I warn you, it's addictive!


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