Wednesday 24 July 2019

WOW: Yarn Bombed!

  WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  
Do you ever buy things and then promptly forget you've purchased them? I went online to buy some yarn in colours to finish off my existing stash supplies so I could (in theory) complete some projects this winter. Although I am living under a quilt WIP mountain, I do still like to knit or crochet in the evenings when it's really cold and this year has been an especially long and cold winter down my way. So I thought I better be ready stocked with yarn supplies.

Well then I got influenza and forgot all about my evening knit plans.. until this box arrived. Is it just me, or is it normal for yarn to arrive so tumbled?! This is the view right after I tore back the lid. I was really surprised that the yarn looked like it had been plucked off the shelf and literally thrown in the box - because each colour has multiples of 10 x, I expected it to arrive in 'lot' bags which is usually what happens. So now I have to think of a way to safely store these balls safely from the clutches of the months which have invaded this winter.

I really wonder why I keep making so much work for myself?! My shelves are groaning with fabric, so there's definitely no room there. I have seen some suitcases over on pinterest put to good use for storing yarn, so I might have to do that.

But maybe after my influenza nap. Just the idea of doing any of that has left me exhausted. It's back to bed with me..
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  1. I never hear of anyone in the states worried about moths invading their yarn and I have never had any in my yarn stash which is usually tossed in baskets with no lids - I wonder if moths are just not as likely to show up here? Someone else in Australia mentioned that to me last month about watching for moths to turn up in the yarn stash

    1. This is a real thing and it's been a real worry for me as my DH has lots of linen and wool suits and I have a lot of wool garments too. I once threw away a whole stash of yarn because I found moths in there. I used to have a rosemary bush and would collect the stalks in little bags - and never had a single moth. But I no longer have it and now I miss it terribly. Unfortunately it takes years to get an established bush. I didn't realize how lucky I was! Finding a natural moth repellent that actually works has been a real problem.

      Now I'm using cedar balls, cedar hangers and moth strips and nothing is working.

  2. Dear Esther, Make sure that your storage box is clear Esther so you don't for get they are there which you will if you can not see them LOL Glad you are a little better but sorry to read you are still not 100% and not able to sew. Know the feeling have not sewn for my self for 6 days???? Cheers Glenda

  3. I use lavender to keep the moths at bay - seems to work as I haven't had any bug invasions in my quilt or fabric storage cupboards. My small wool collection also has a bunch of lavender in it. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hi Esther! I think that is very odd that the yarn arrived that way. I would have expected each color in a separate bag and as you mentioned, with dye lots all together. They do look very festive all jumbled in the box like that. Using a suitcase to store the yarn in is brillant. It will keep the moths at bay as well as any dust or light getting on the yarn, too. I hope you are feeling much better soon. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I do as Jan does, lavender. Surprising that the yarn arrived like this, I hope you will find a box or a container large enough to store them. Take care

  6. Well, I have been devastated to discover that moths have been snacking on my favorite sweaters too many times. I can't imagine them eating up your yarn before you even get a chance to turn it into sweaters!! If you find a good solution for long-term storage without using chemicals, please do share it with us. Currently I keep sweaters stored in the guest room closet with moth balls in the off season and have to air out that awful smell before I can wear them again when it gets cold, but I'd love a non-toxic alternative as long as it's effective.

  7. The Wool Warehouse that I order from sorts the balls in lovely organza bags that are reusable. I would love to see what you will be making with this, btw. Storage is always a problem. Good luck with it.


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