Tuesday 18 June 2019

Lily Rose: VOTE TO WIN !

I'm over the moon this morning! My quilt 'Lily Rose' has made it into the Quilter's Companion Hall of Fame and is shortlisted for a prize. Please head on over to the Quilter's Companion site by clicking the image above.. and if you love Lily Rose, vote for it!
And when you vote, YOU could win a fabulous prize, so it's worth your effort to click.
To celebrate Lily Rose being shortlisted, I've put the pattern on sale. 
For the next 48 hours, you can buy the complete digital pattern for $4.80 USD. 
  Lily Rose  
  Complete Digital Pattern  
$19.95 USD
It's wonderful to see interest in this lovely quilt: knowing that so many new hands will be creating this quilt brings joy to my heart. Already over in my Group, members are sharing their own Lily Rose's and the images are breathtaking! I love applique and creating new projects and Lily Rose is just so much fun, I can't wait to share my pattern with you and see what you create. 

And don't forget, you can follow how I made my own Lily Rose, step by step, over in my Quilt Archives Page. Simply click here now to browse my Lily Rose creative journey and get inspired to start your own! 
What you need to know:

Payment is securely completed via PayPal
You don't need a PayPal account to pay as PayPal also securely processes Credit Card payments

Pattern downloads are INSTANT and followed up with a live link to your email inbox. 
Check your email for the follow up email (and check your spam / junk folders if you can't see it)

The pattern will download to your computer directly

You REQUIRE an UPDATED PDF Reader in order to open and print the PDF Pattern

Note:When you receive your download, be sure to SAVE it to your computer.
If you print it directly from the browser download screen, it will not be backed up to your computer. 


  1. Lily Rose is beautiful - so fun to vote! Interesting categories and wonderful quilts. I hope you win!

  2. Voted! Hope you win- you and Lily Rose deserve it.


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