Wednesday 20 February 2019

WOW: Summer Cold

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Well, I'm trying! Right now, a disgusting summer virus has me down, big time. It started with what I thought was a little sniffle last week. But a few days later I was in bed, sniffling and coughing and feeling miserable. Last week I was about to launch a new BOM and was packing my suitcase for a getaway with my DD the following day. I had it all planned out perfectly. Ha! Talk about best laid plans..

Instead, the BOM has been delayed and our little getaway had to be cancelled. It was such a shame too, as she had taken time off work and I was really looking forward to our little creative break. Oh well, I really can't complain. I have been feeling better in the last day or so. I feel strong enough for a few hours each day and check my emails and see what my Group members have been creating (this is the highlight of my sick bed days) before I go back to bed.

I have all the supplements, Sambucol and chicken soup anyone could wish for, now I just have to wait for this tide to pass. You've probably already noticed that I'm a terrible patient. I have no tolerance for any kind of sickness and am as cranky as I sound.

What's Your Favourite Cold or Flu Remedy?


  1. Lots of hot liquids. I drink tea all day long every day but when I'm ill, it's a good excuse to always have a cup beside me. Soups go well too. As for coughing? Have you tried a spoonful of honey? My mom and my husband's recommendations.

  2. plenty of rest and fluids! get well soon

  3. Hope you will be better soon, my best remedy is a very hot beverage honey/lemon/rum, sipe slowly (it shoud be really hot), then go to bed!

  4. Bon rétablissement Esther....
    Mes remédes et bien tisane au thym avec du miel qui est un puissant antiseptique et propolis!
    pour le nez des gouttes au géraniums.
    Amicalement de France

  5. Sending you well wishes. Thank you for the linky party. For the love of geese

  6. Colds are the worst! I hope you feel back to normal soon. And that you're able to reschedule that getaway.

  7. a Korean house mate of mine once fed me a fiery chilli stew to get rid of a cold that was starting - it must have terrified the cold as it left immediately.
    Unfortunately i dont have his recipe but i use grated ginger and honey in hot water as a tea


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