Tuesday 26 February 2019

HOYH: Magic Applique Mirrors

Do you have one of these mirrors? I love them for helping me pick my fussy cuts and for finding potential in fabric prints - and you know how much I like playing with fabric. Well, this mirror method is addictive.
I have a few of these mirrors in my stash, this is just the one I pulled out today. I find that they're each as good as the other and I don't have a preference.
When it comes to picking out fabric for fussy cutting, the mirror method really helps. Especially for me, because sometimes I just love a fabric because it's beautiful and I have a hard time letting it go.. even though it won't work in the design. The mirror shows me the NO before I make any cutting commitments.
Nope, this fabric doesn't want to be used in my centre star.. NEXT!
 Oooh I like this potential star design, it's looks so folky - bit it doesn't feel right for HOYH.
This one below creates a kind of wild flower motif which is so lovely.. but again, doesn't 'feel' right
You can see I really loved this print because I refused to give up on it!
I tried it several ways
And each way changed the mood and feel of the strar
Nope, I didn't like this option either..
but I couldn't stop trying to get this fabric in the centre..
Until I stumbled across this beige foliage mix. 
Although the fussy cutting is so subtle, I do love the effect. 
And that grey that I was determined to get into the star found it's home in another layer.
Yep, sometimes you've just got to let the quilt tell you what it wants. 
HOYH definitely has it's own mind and I'm loving each step in the learning curve as I get there.

And the Applique Mirror is a real help and must have for fabric enthusiasts like me!

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  1. Oh I have never tried using the mirror. Will definitely get one noe.


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