Sunday 18 November 2018

Lily Roser's this is YOUR post!

WOW! November, what is going on? Just last week, 'Red Delicious' enjoyed a revival with a group of lovely ladies deciding to use it as their sew along pattern. Then this weekend, the love has turned to 'Lily Rose'! I feel like every time I check my email, there's a new request or notification for a group sew along, talk about busy! Just when I thought it was time to wind down for the year, a new buzz of activity has started up - a whole new group of quilting newbies are getting together to make Lily Rose in person and they're starting in December.

I mean, what a way to start an adventure. They've selected Lily Rose because they all love it (obviously) but have also told me that my blog posts about each step of the making process won them over - they love the idea of being able to check back on how I created my own stunner. I also think the manageable size must have played a part too. Honestly, I think Lily Rose is a fabulous group project and I am already in anticipation for the beauties that will come from this latest group quilt along. This gathering of ladies are on a tight budget and kindly asked me to help them start this 'Lily Rose' caravan.. and HOW COULD I REFUSE?

So yep, it's unbelievable but I'm about to do it all over again. To encourage absolutely everyone who wants to get involved in this project, I'm offering the pattern for the heavily reduced price of $4.80 USD. Yes, really. But only for 48 hours. I don't want anyone to miss out because of financial reasons.

And, with the Lily Roses shaping up in the real world, I've decided to offer this same low price to my online community too, in the hopes of jump starting Lily Rose here as well.
I mean, why not? The more the merrier, right? I mean, how long is your WIP list? Go ahead and add a floral wall hanging to mix. Why not, huh?

Honestly I'm just laughing as I type this because I'm overjoyed at all the love my patterns are getting. I'm grateful that my designs interest people. I'm thinking 2019 will see a lot of my quilts popping up everywhere. And what's not great about that??

Ok, Lily Rose let's do this!
Lily Rose
Complete Digital Pattern for 48 hours ONLY
$19.95 USD

What you need to know:
Payment is securely completed via PayPal
You don't need a PayPal account to pay as PayPal also securely processes Credit Card payments
Pattern downloads are INSTANT and followed up with a live link to your email inbox
Check your email for the follow up email (and check your spam / junk folders if you can't see it)
The pattern will download to your computer directly
You REQUIRE an UPDATED PDF Reader in order to open and print the PDF Pattern

Note:When you receive your download, be sure to SAVE it to your computer.
If you print it directly from the browser download screen, it will not be backed up to your computer. 

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