Saturday 10 November 2018

Hearts Desire

Today I've been catching up on some long overdue housework. As a quilter I must confess that my housework sometimes falls behind my creative pursuits. As I was sorting out a storage cupboard I found this beauty and had to revisit it. I've been quilting for so long now that I have a large 'back catalog' of quilts that haven't been seen by very many people. Yes I'm biased but I do think that this quilt is just too pretty not to show off! I love every little detail of Hearts Desire. And what's odd is that, if I had to recreate it today, I wouldn't change a thing.
I look at these details and wonder how I had the patience to domestic machine quilt every last inch. Phew! Nowadays, I'm happy just to complete a 'quilt top' and move on.
 Interestingly, I still love the fabrics I selected. This was my first 'serious' applique pattern that I felt was a step up from easy or fun applique patterns. In fact I think this was the last hand drawn pattern I accomplished before I went digital. Check out those hearts!
In this quilt design I can see my love for flowers, baskets, birds and leaves - the shapes and lines I favor have now become hallmarks of my style and patterns. I'm also really happy to see the 4x petal heart appear throughout the design - years before I started out on my Love Entwined journey.

Obviously that precious coverlet had burrowed into my imagination years before I even realized!
Hearts Desire is an applique design full of old world charm and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the splendor of a blooming garden. Finished size: 84 x 84 inches

There aren't any Hearts Desire quilts in the Open Gallery yet but I do hope that this will change as I know they're out there! Perhaps you have one yourself? I think I'll go and add my own to get the ball rolling.
Like it? Make it! 

Hearts Desire
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$39.95 USD

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Here are all my posts connected to Hearts Desire, if you go ahead and make it yourself, feel free to add your own blog post specific URLs to the linky archive below for other quilter's to enjoy:


  1. Beautiful - I need to finish up some before I start any new.....I must, I must, I must!!!

  2. Mine is one of those 'out there'. I love this quilt and I will finish it but I have a broken wrist at the moment which is stopping me from any sewing. Very frustrating but I can still enjoy looking at everyone else's progress and creativity.

  3. What a stunning quilt. I love everything about it!


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