Thursday 4 October 2018

What I'm Making This Month: October

I don't turn on my TV very much nowadays, but when I do - it's usually to Chromcast a sewing tutorial! My DDs have been asking for several travel organizers each, made from their favorite Fassett and Tula Pink fabrics. They're completely uninspired by shop bought offerings and want to enjoy their love for fabric in a practical way. 

In the past, I spent HOURS drafting and redrafting bags just like this one, so I know how much work is involved in getting it done, making it nice and sewing it right. Those creations of 15 years ago are now thoroughly worn out and in the intervening years, my DDs simply purchased replacement bags when needed because it suited their lifestyle. But they've grown up a bit now and have a desire to make these kind of one off items. I guess they've come full circle: homemade' is no longer the unfashionable option it once was! But for me personally, I'd rather be quilting and don't have much patience for drafting 'practical' patterns anymore. Luckily for all of us, I don't have to.  

Today I'll simply be following an online class tutorial which includes the pattern to make it. And my DDs will be joining me for some weekend sewing. It'll be our own private workshop at home, in our own time with as much pausing and rewinding as we please. It's going to be fabulous. 

Whenever I think about how much technology annoys me, I remind myself how lucky I am to be alive during this revolution. Just 10 years ago, this wouldn't have even been possible. Today, we're sewing what we really want in fabrics we really love at a time and place that suits us. Perfect.


  1. That is so true, Esther! Technology is fabulous when it's working FOR us, instead of fighting us every step of the way! I hope you all have a wonderful time sewing those bags together. You deserve the "time off for good behavior!"

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking I might 'supervise' from my favourite applique corner, perhaps my DDs can make me one whilst I quilt!


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