Tuesday 24 April 2018

'Oma's Blues' I still Love You!

These are detail pics from my mainly applique quilt 'Oma's Blues'
I say 'mainly' applique; however, although there are some pieces blocks in the border (above) - I actually ended up applique-ing those too. I mean, why not? I love applique!
I had a visitor around to visit me today and they asked to see it in person. Of course, I was happy to show off this beauty. As it's been stored rolled up, I hadn't seen it in 2 years and seeing it fresh again today, well it took my breath away! Yes, I still love it! 
Several quilting groups have selected Oma's Blues are are meeting up once a month to make the blocks together over a chat and endless cups of tea and coffee. How perfect does that sound?
I can't wait to see their results as the months tick by..
 This quilt was inspired by all things Delft and the most natural colourway for it simply had to be blue and white, but I've seen some variations including a warm autumnal shaded one and a multi colour one and they are both breathtaking!
 Thanks for taking this trip with me down memory lane. Sometimes I forget just how much I've done, and it feels so nice to be reminded that these beauties do actually exist and are admired all over the world.

If you're interested in making Oma's Blues, I have a Facebook Group set aside for this quilt specifically. It's the perfect place for you to arrange to meet up with people and share your blocks on a regular basis if you are connecting online.

Of course, you can join my regular Facebook Group too where every one of my quilts - including 'Oma's Blues' is being made and is most welcome.

You can find all my Oma's Blues posts archived here on this blog so that if you are making my quilt, you can follow what I did, step by step.

Oma's Blues
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  1. Et c'est une beauté ce quilt,vous avez raison d'être fière Esther!
    La couleur bleu sur ce blanc est un bijou.

  2. Oh I am in love - blue and white have always been my favorite, but now Oma's Blues is calling me. When will I ever have time? I may just have to admire everyone else's. Your creativity is amazing!

  3. I look forward to watching their progress on this beautiful design. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Pain us a miserable thing. Robs you of everything. Hope you feel better soon.



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